A Fluffy Quinoa Easter

To those who celebrate: Happy Easter! And to those who don’t: Happy Sunday!

Though I’m not feeling very religious these days, Easter Sunday is like a mini reunion for my family. Everyone gathers at my parent’s house where we break bread, share stories and reminisce.

Holiday gatherings like this are always a great excuse for me to get in the kitchen and get my cook on.

As I mentioned in my previous post, a few weeks ago Kerry and I met for dinner at one of our favorite vegan haunts: Peacefood Cafe on the Upper West Side. She recommended I try the Fluffy Quinoa Salad and it was love at first bite. Seriously — if you live in NYC please visit Peacefood. You will thank me. 

Since that fateful day I scoured the internet for a recipe, but after no luck, I decided to take a crack at the salad from menu listing/memory. Here is what the Peacefood website had to offer:

fluffy quinoa
beans, baby greens & sprouts of the day,  
avocado, sweet peppers, corn & onions  
tossed with creamy lime mustard vinaigrette
In a big salad bowl I tossed:
– a box of spring mix lettuce
– 3/4 cup of quinoa (pre-cooked last night)
– 3/4 cup of garbanzo beans (I debated using black beans, but garbanzo ended up being a tasty choice. I can’t remember what they used at Peacefood)
– 3/4 cup of corn
– one half of a red pepper thinly sliced
– ditto with a green pepper
– a few stalks of green onion chopped up (probably any type of onion would work great — I am just such a sucker for green onions)
– one ripe avocado chopped into little squares
Isn’t she purty?

It turned out just as fluffy and delicious as I remember! While the salad had some great textures going on, the best part of my at-home version was definitely the Lime-Mustard Dressing. After searching the web, I whisked together:

– 2 tbsp yogurt (I used regular because that’s what we had, but in the future would prefer to use a soy version)
– 2 tsp dijon mustard
– 2 tbsp fresh lime juice
– 1 tbsp freshly chopped cilantro
– 1/4 tsp of both sugar and salt
Shake it up, baby

This dressing was sweet, tangy and light; and the perfect complement to the plate o’ veggies! 

More dressing, please!

The salad ended up getting quite a few compliments — I am definitely not the only veggie lover in the fam. Next time, I plan on doubling the dressing as we had just enough. I also got requests for more quinoa, so I will probably add a half a cup of that as well.

After dinner I got to satisfy my sweet tooth:

Tie-Dye Cupcakes by Erin
Chocolate Cheesecake by Marc

Along with this, lots of easter bunny candy was consumed.

Although it was a day full of delicious eats, the best part of Easter was getting to laugh and catch up the family — it’s rare for us all to be in one place these days and I definitely don’t take it for granted.

Meg, Erin, Mum, Gillian (Dad not pictured)

Your turn: Have you ever tried to recreate an unforgettable restaurant meal? How did it turn out?  


4 thoughts on “A Fluffy Quinoa Easter

  1. >Yes I did. I had a pasta with roasted squash at a local restaraunt some years ago and I loved it. A little trial and error ensued, but in the end I got the perfect combination of roasted squash with garlic, some herbs, pine nuts and red pepper. It is vegan if you leave out the grated romano, vegetarian if you eat the cheese and gluten-free if you toss the roasted stuff with rice or rice pasta. As you know it is delicious! As was that salad! Yum!

  2. >Hello I followed you over from your mum's blog…delicious recipes!! Thanks!I too had a quinoa salad very much like yours just recently at a wonderful little cafe in Sydney called Edmonds and Greer….now I am going to try yours!! Yum yum!!

  3. >@ Teresa — That pasta IS delicious — that will have to make an appearance on this blog in the near future.@Anonymous — Thanks for reading! I love Sydney – I have very fond memories from my semester abroad in Australia and am itching to get back. I will have to check out Edmonds and Greer when I finally make it there!

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