How do I say “tempeh?”

What a week it’s been!

I hopped a bus back to New York on Monday night and since then it has been GO GO GO. Trying to unpack, keep up at work, eat healthy, make it to yoga, get enough sleep! Finally today I feel like I’m slowly getting back into the rhythm of things.

* * *

Today after a busy workday I took time for a relaxing stroll along the 20 blocks up to Whole Foods. I got to enjoy the nice weather, people watch, stretch out my sore legs from a particularly hard yoga class last night and just take some time to reflect and unwind.

It seemed like everyone was out and about soaking up the sun. This is where I should have snapped a pic — gotta start becoming the blogger I know I’m meant to be!

At Whole Foods I picked up the ingredients to make Gabriela’s Vegan Tempeh Taco Bites. I’ve never cooked with tempeh (I’ve actually never even tried tempeh… and confession: I have no idea how to pronounce this word, tempeh. Help! Is it a cooking sin to cook with something you can’t say?) but am always up for something new.

Hello, stranger.

As instructed, I cut the tempeh into this strips, let them soak up salsa for an hour and then rolled them up in whole wheat wrap triangles, along with some Daiya cheddar “cheese” shreds. Into the oven they went.


12 minutes later they were warm, the “cheese” was melty and the wrap a bit crispy. Like Gabriela, I steamed some broccoli for the side and added more salsa for dipping:

Get in my belly!

They came out great! Turns out I like the texture of tempeh a lot more than the texture of tofu — it was almost like a veggie burger or a rice patty — and it had a lot of substance to it while still feeling light.

Con: The taco itself was a bit bland — in the future I would consider adding some lime juice or cilantro to spice things up a bit.

Some pros: After just four of these babies I was stuffed! They were super easy and quick to make and the cleanup was light. I will definitely making these again — and am very excited to experiment with tempeh in future recipes.

Time for some dark chocolate and some much needed shut-eye. Although I’ve been to yoga this week I haven’t once made it up in time to get my run in before work. Hoping to make tomorrow the day!

Your turn: Have you cooked with tempeh? What is your favorite tempeh recipe? How do I say the word tempeh!?


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