I’m in a great mood today because after a long, snowy winter, it finally feels like spring is here to stay!I spent the dreary winter months dreaming of: beach days, afternoons in the park with my book, farmer’s markets, beer gardens, 4th of July… there is nothing about summer I don’t like. And today on the first of May, the warm weather finally feels within reach!

Another great thing about May? It is my birthday month! 22 short days until I turn 26. Ahh! Expect a birthday wish list post in the near future 🙂


Yesterday I got a great walk/run in and got to enjoy the sunshine and all of the beautiful people out exercising. Seriously, Hoboken seems to be a mecca for gorgeous, fit people. What gives?


Later on I ventured out for fun and drinks at Bier International, a beer garden located a few blocks north of Frederick Douglass circle, where the Upper West Side splashes into Harlem.
mmmm Bier!

The main reason for my trip to Bier International? These babies:

Parmesan Truffle Fries
Seriously, you don’t get better than this! Although I typically try to stay away from fried food and cheese — giving into these fries are worth the Saturday night indulgence. The fries themselves are perfectly crispy, just the right amount of parmesan is shaved over top and, although I’m not exactly sure what truffle is (mushroom? fungus?), the truffle is the final touch on making these fries a bit more fancy. Delishballs!

Cheesy fungus = yum

My second reason for venturing to Bier International:

The bier

The beer menu at Bier International is pretty eclectic and offers a chance to be a bit more adventurous than my typical Blue Moon or Stella. I went with the Lindemans Lambic Framboise, which I didn’t realize at first but I have had before. Then I remembered — this is one of my all time favorites! This Belgium beer is seasoned with raspberries instead of hops — giving it a fruity, light flavor. It almost reminds me of a sparkling cider. A great beer to accompany my spring fever. 

You can’t really tell from these pictures — but this beer is PINK!

One of the best things about Bier International is that the crowd is just as eclectic as the menu. The place is run by attractive looking “Harlem Hipsters” and there are just as many beer-goers from Harlem as there are from the UWS — all comfortably squished into family style seating reminiscent of picnic tables. For serious, at different parts of the night we were squished between a family of five with some jaded city kiddies and four hilarious sassy ladies.

The many languages of BIER

Bier International is currently a hidden gem — it was easy for us to find seating at 8pm. With the summer months on their way and outdoor seating being added over the next few weeks, I plan on returning very soon!

Your turn: What sorts of foods/drinks do you indulge in when you find the occasion worthy?  


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