Sunday Morning Yoga

Good morning and Happy Father’s Day! As my family lives in New Hampshire, I don’t get to actually see my Dad this year, but I just had a lovely phone chat with him and… I can’t wait for him to open the present I sent him later tonight!

Last night I went to bed with yoga on the mind, so this morning, to yoga I went! Since my regular studio didn’t have an early enough class to suit my schedule, I headed down to St. Mark’s to Yoga to the People for a 10am class.

Yoga to the People is a donation-based studio. Cheap yoga? Yes please! Usually these classes are hit or miss… this morning’s class was pretty basic, which was actually just what I needed. I haven’t been to a yoga class in a few weeks, so that first downward dog was killer!

One of my favorite things about YTTP? It gives me an excuse to hit up Think Coffee!  Reasons I love Think Coffee: All of their coffee is fair trade! They an environmentally friendly business! They give back to the community! (Also, a great break from my typical Dunkin or Starbucks!)


I went with my usual medium iced coffee with soy and brown sugar.

Back at home I was ready to dig into breakfast.Trader Joe’s Fiber Cereal, some Kashi GoLean Crunch, and the rest of yesterday raspberries.

fiber fiber fiber

I’m off to an engagement party for coworkers (office romance) in Brooklyn today! Excited to soak up some more sun 🙂


What fun plans do you have with your Dad today?


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