50% Off All Marked Down Items

This afternoon I ran into the city in search of a dress to wear to my friend Kristina’s wedding next weekend. I had no plan in mind, and no idea of what I really wanted, so when I got off the bus, I made a game time decision to head over to 5th Ave to do some perusing.

Time for some shopping!

Luckily 5th Ave wasn’t too crowded (I’m sure everyone was at the beach!) and after bopping in and out of my usual haunts (H&M, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie…), I headed over to Ann Taylor where I was greeted with a magical sign that read: 50% off all marked down items. YES!!!

I chose two dresses to try on and surprisingly fell in love with both of them. Here are the pics I snapped to text to Mum, my sisters & Kerry to help me choose:








It was unanimous, everyone loved the solid teal one on the right. Although it is a bit plain, it is a great shade of teal for my coloring and I am hoping to dress it up with some jewelry and/or a scarf.

As you know, I love a good deal, so I have to share: the dress was originally $98, had been marked down to $79.99 and with the 50% off deal, I scored this baby for $39.99! WHAT A DEAL. WHAT SAVINGS. WHAT A HIGH!

$98? Pshhh

To celebrate, on the way home I picked up one of my favorite healthy treats — a smoothie from Juice Generation. Juice Generation is an awesome little juice joint located in Hell’s Kitchen (actually there are a few locations but the HK one is my hang!). As it is a bit pricey, I try not to go too often (although my bank account may show otherwise!). I chose the Mate Zen:





This was the first time I’d tried this blend, and let me tell you, it was awesome. Kinda sweet, but the ginger + tea gave it a little bite. The perfect way to cool down after traipsing around the city 🙂

Once home, I decided to keep dinner simple. I had some already-cooked whole wheat pasta in the fridge, and a bunch of spinach that I needed to use up, so I threw it all into a pot with some jarred pasta sauce.


Easy peasy healthy dinner. And for dessert:

Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms

(Although, really, you know I had a few more handfuls after the picture was taken… let’s be real here!)

Time for bed. In the work-out cards for tomorrow? YOGA!

For you: Are you typically lucky when it comes to bargain shopping? I am not.. this was a rare & extra lucky day for me! Have you scored any good deals lately?


4 thoughts on “50% Off All Marked Down Items

  1. Great dress! I love getting a bargain, but I feel like you have to be a shopper to get one, or just be lucky when you head out. I am not so much a shopper, so I miss things.

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