Seen Any Rainbows Lately?

Today was annoying. 

I got stuck late at work. Then I got stuck in rush hour traffic. For a very long time.

You ain't goin' NOWHERE

Like, a trip that should take 10 minutes took about 9 times that. Yep. But at least I had a run planned for when I finally got home!

Then it began to monsoon.

muahaha no run for you!

What a frustrating way to end an 8 hour work day. I was a sad bean.

But then… I saw a rainbow.

Ooo pretty!

… and the sun came out


… and found myself completing Day 1 of Week 2 of C25K

Yeah baby!

… and I ate an easy & delish din

…and just like that, today was awesome 🙂

Time to snuggle!

Are you done blogging? I'm waiting...

For you: How was your day? Seen any rainbows lately?


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