A Best Friend + Borders + Peacefood Cure

Yesterday, I woke up in a terrible mood.

Actually, that’s a lie… I woke up in a pretty neutral mood. Then I started to anticipate the busy week ahead and began to panic. I decided a run was a bad idea (temps were still in the 100’s!) and began to feel like a loser for not being hardcore. I got really angry at a guy at Starbucks who messed up my order, to the point that I started to tear up. Then I got angry at myself for spending money at Starbucks when I should have made breakfast at home.

I was sweaty and stressed; ready to quit life, watch movies in bed all day and wallow in my misery.

Thing is, I had plans with Kerry. We were going to have an adventurous city day! Go someplace we hadn’t been before! Do something artsy! All of a sudden, this sounded terrible to me. I dragged myself over to her apartment to gently break the news that I was out of commission for the day.

Kerry patiently listened to my excuses and said “of course you should go home.” She’d be fine, she’d adventure solo.

Funny thing about best friends is the more we chatted, the less stressed I felt. I wasn’t in the midst of my busy week yet, so no point in stressing. It’s okay to miss a workout, it’s really hot outside. Kerry told me that she goes to that particular Starbucks quite often, and yes, they screw up a lot. We went on to talk about art, feng shui, blogging, boys and books. “Speaking of books, there is a huge closing sale at Borders right now…” Books + sale? She knew the magic words to drag me out of the house and squealed in delight when I agreed to accompany her.

After perusing Borders and Barnes & Noble (I treated myself to a book on Feng Shui!), we both started to get hungry. Since we just happened to be in the ‘hood, we decided to pop over to Peacefood for some vegan dinner. Funny how I’m always just “ending up” near my favorite restaurants.

Kerry introduced me to Peacefood last fall and it was instantaneous love. Since then, I have probably visited at least once a month. It has an adorable vibe, the food is delicious (remember when I recreated the Fluffy Quinoa Salad for Easter Dinner?) and compared to most of the vegan restaurants in NYC, it is reasonably priced.

Look at that “YES” sign! I want it. (I think that girl in the white t-shirt wants it too.) Anyone know where I can find one? I’ve already searched Etsy. Oh, right, back to our meal. Kerry kicked things off with the Pineapple/Beet/Lime Juice:

She has actually ordered this juice every time we’ve been to Peacefood together. Something about the beets nurturing her spleen? Whatever, doesn’t it look yummy?

I went with soup. Funny, despite the fact that it’s been insanely hot, I’ve been craving lots of soup lately. Maybe because it’s light? Or maybe after my stressful morning, I was just in need of some good ol’ fashioned comfort food.

This soup was one of their specials that day – a Broccoli, Kale, Spinach Bisque. Three of my favorite veggies! It was nice and thick and really tasty.

At Kerry’s recommendation, I enjoyed a Veggie Savory Biscuit on the side. It was surprisingly cheesy tasting! These Peacefood Vegans are magical.

I ended the day feeling full and content and ready to make my way home and curl up with my new book.

Next time I am in a rut, will someone please remind me that best friends, books and delicious healthy foods are an easy-peasy fix? Thank you Kerry and thank you Peacefood.

For you: What are your go-tos for getting out of a funk? Anyone know where I can find a “YES” picture like the one above?


4 thoughts on “A Best Friend + Borders + Peacefood Cure

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