3 Months. 10 Photos. Plus One. And A Bonus.

Wow! What a warm welcome back to blogging. I am happy to see you all of you, too 🙂

And a special hello to the many visitors from my mum’s blog! If you think I’m going to be blogging about sweaters and quilts, you may find yourself a tad disappointed.

Sadly, I did not inherit mum’s talent and passion for knitting and sewing. On the bright side, some other things I did not inherit from mum include:

1. height (or lack thereof)

2. an allergy to all foods that are delicious

3. loss of all motor skills after one martini

So, there’s that.


It’s sort of funny that my last post before I disappeared was all about how I was super stressed. Then poof! No word for three months. Maybe you thought the stress really got to me. That I was curled up in a corner somewhere, slowly rocking and mumbling incoherencies?

Well, okay, so that may have been the story for a few days. BUT I am here today with photos to prove that for the majority of the past three months, I have been alive and kicking.

My goal for this post was to limit myself to 10 photos that could best represent my August, September and October 2011. I settled on 11 photos. Plus a bonus. So really 12. Sorry.

Let’s recap, shall we?

I (and every 13 year old in New Jersey) attended the Taylor Swift concert. It was enchanting.

Cousin Sarah decided to tie the knot.

A Pile of Campbell Women. The soon to be bride in black.

The pretty part of the Jersey Shore. No fist pumping allowed here.

Mackenzie's (far left) first visit to NYC. A sweaty, happy day in the park with the Berubes.

I joined Nana for some yardsale-ing and we rounded out the morning at her community garden. Nana should have a reality show.

I ate lots of fresh veggies from said garden.

I spent a week at The Cape. Most of that week was spent from this point of view. INSIDE. Due to a newly developed allergy to the sun. And hives. Lots of hives. It was a week I will never forget.

Despite my feud with, oh, ya know, THE SUN... it was really good to get away with the fam!

On Labor Day, I rode a bike. Because I ride bikes all the time (no), I thought it would be a great idea to go all the way to the top of the George Washington Bridge.

Luckily, I made it. Imagine missing out on this view?

So there you have it. The past three months in 11 photos. Goodnight!

What’s that? Oh? I said there would be a bonus?

Okay, okay fine: over the past few months, I may have also done a bit of running…

But let’s save that story for another day, shall we?


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