What Makes My Thursdays Sunny or The Port Authority Bus Terminal Green Market

If you’ve ever gotten the opportunity to pass through the Port Authority Bus Terminal, you probably already know that it’s not the prettiest place in the world.

This is the Port Authority Map. It is confusing. Not helpful at all.

It is dingy. The lighting makes everyone look yellow. Shady people roam around. The layout is confusing. Random places smell like pee. On a rainy day, the roof leaks in about 30 different places.

Overall? It’s just not cute.

As I make the daily commute from New Jersey to NYC, I am lucky enough to trek through what I like to call “The Port” (very creative and original, I know) at least two times every day. Over the past three years this adds up to… well, you can do the math. Let’s just say, I’m pretty much a pro at all things Port Authority.

Here I am in The Port. I am very happy because it is 5:22 on my birthday 5/22. Otherwise, this photo is not cute.

While I could go on and on about how depressing The Port is, that is just not in my nature. I’m a positive, happy person! I don’t want to completely rag on The Port.

Here are some things I enjoy about my frenemy, The Port:

1. There are always an abundance of cops and security stationed in and around The Port. Despite all of the weirdos roaming around, I always feel safe on my commute. 

2. Whether I’m on my way to work at 9:30 am, or stumbling home from an Opening Night Party at 2 o’clock in the morning, there is always classical music playing in The Port. That is, unless it is November through January, in which case you will hear Christmas Music being broadcast throughout The Port! Classy. Very classy.


My Thursday Ritual

Every Thursday morning I make sure to leave the house a little bit early, so that I have time to visit the very adorable Green Market that magically appears once a week.

The Green Market is full of fresh in-season fruits and veggies, baked goods, cider and local organic wine.

Monday through Wednesday mornings, as I sulk by the empty space where the Green Market sets up each week, I fantasize about what delicious fresh things I will purchase once Thursday rolls around.

Typically, I go straight for the breakfast muffins (the vegan cranberry orange is my go-to… delish!), but this morning, the apples were calling out my name.

Empire, Gala and Bartlett, oh my!

I treated myself to one Gala and one Fugi. I’m still trying to figure out what my favorite flavor of apple is. So far, I’m all about the Gala.

Don't fret -- these apples are not diseased. I thought the dirt made them look more green-markety. I think I thought wrong.

I also couldn’t resist some fresh cider. Probably, my last one of the year! We are rapidly approaching hot chocolate season.

UV treated? Now, that doesn't sound very green-markety, hmmm.

And just like that, once a week, my typically dingy commute becomes new and alive. Instead of pee, I am surrounded by the aromas of fresh earth and baked goods. Instead of sketchy weirdos, I get to hang with cool hippy farmer… weirdos! And don’t those red apples spruce the place up a bit?

Thank you Port Authority Bus Terminal Green Market for making my Thursday mornings sunny, year round.

Question: What is your favorite flavor of apple?


3 thoughts on “What Makes My Thursdays Sunny or The Port Authority Bus Terminal Green Market

  1. Fun! You should have grabbed a bunch of Macs and made apple crisp for yourself. Lately I’m in love with Jazz apples, but they aren’t local and can’t be found at farm stands. Boo.

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