Time To Kick Back

It has been a long week. I’m exhausted. Aren’t you?

Time to kick back and enjoy some time off!  My plans for this weekend include a “long” run tomorrow and some marathon sideline partying on Sunday. I’ve been looking forward to The NYC Marathon for weeks!

For tonight, it’s time to rest up. My Friday will consist of:

Comfort food. Not only that — but on sale comfort food! We all know I love a good deal. Is anyone else addicted to these Buitoni pastas? They are always a treat for me.

I also plan on spending an hour or two with these ladies. Don’t judge. I canceled my cable so I wouldn’t watch crap like this and of course it pops up on Hulu for free. Once Friday rolls around, I am all out of self control. New Jersey housewives… oh how I’ve missed you.

Another lady I’ve been missing?

My poor Lils is starved for attention.

Time for lots of fetch and lots of cuddling.

And a cozy night in wouldn’t be complete without some baking…

Can anyone guess what I have in mind?

Enjoy your friday! xox

Tell me: How are you spending your friday night?


3 thoughts on “Time To Kick Back

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