No Christmas Music Before Thanksgiving

One of the perks of working in the theatre?

Comp tickets to lots of fun and festive events. See that? Zero dolla.

Earlier this week I heard my coworker mention that she was taking her two year old to a dress rehearsal of the Radio City Christmas Show. When I “oooohed” in envy and said that I had never been, but had always wanted to go — she called her Stage Manager friend and got me a ticket to join them.

Don’t I work with awesome people?

Oh hello, Radio City! Remember our brief love affair at the 2009 Tony Awards? It’s good to see you again.

The show itself is obviously geared towards children and is probably about the cheesiest thing I have ever sat through. Despite this, it is pretty incredible for adults to watch as well and has about everything (and more) one could wish for in a stage show:

  • The Rockettes
  • Santa(s)
  • Ice Skaters
  • Ballerinas
  • Ballerinas in bear costumes
  • Fireworks
  • Singers
  • Tap Dancing
  • 3D videos (they provide glasses)
  • midgets
  • live sheep
  • live CAMELS
  • the nutcracker
  • a live orchestra
  • a moving bus
  • crazy projections
  • a live nativity scene
  • video games

Pretty amazing huh? As a “first timer,” the best part for me was the Rockettes! I had never seen them live and they were exquisite. The “Toy Soldier” number was my favorite.

It is ironic that today it was so warm outside that I ended up attending the Radio City Christmas Show in shorts and a thin sweater. That being said, I am so not ready to jump on the Christmas spirit bandwagon yet. BUT: between the show tonight and my trip to Walgreens on the way home:

I think it’s on its way in full force whether we are ready for it or not.

Just remember: NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC BEFORE THANKSGIVING. I will be sticking to that one for sure.

I have my final day of Week One of Bridge to 10K tomorrow! See you then 🙂


8 thoughts on “No Christmas Music Before Thanksgiving

  1. Jealous! I have always wanted to see The Rockettes in person. And I agree, a) the stores have been pushing Christmas at us slowly since October and b) I am absolutely following the no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving!! 🙂 One holiday at a time peeps!

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