The Most Gorgeous Toilet I Have Ever Experienced

You guys, this morning was rough.

I spent all night tossing and turning. My room was a sweaty 88 degrees (air conditioners have officially be removed for the fall). I just couldn’t get comfy. A lot on my mind. Lils kept sneezing in my face.

When my alarm finally went off at 6 am, I had probably been sleeping for about two hours.

BUT: I had scheduled my run for this morning. I had posted here that I was going to run. I had a pretty busy weekend ahead, and didn’t want to stress about fitting this run in later on.

So, I ran.

It was the perfect fall morning, although the temperatures must have really dropped in those wee hours of the night. I wish I had grabbed my coat before heading out.

My run started out tired, but good. I tried to find a steady pace and get into the groove.

And then, about 8 minutes into the workout, I really had to find a bathroom.

This has actually never ever happened to me. Usually I am really good at going before I leave and then holding it until I’m home. But this? This was an emergency situation.

TMI? Never.

I ran into a few bodegas and was rejected. At about minute 22 I finally saw a glimmering gas station in the distance.

On a typical day? Horrifying. This morning? The most gorgeous toilet I have ever experienced.

After I used the bathroom, my once tired and uncomfortable run because a lot easier.

Maybe the universe was trying to make a point?

Anyways, here are my stats:

Not too shabby.

I attribute my pace to the urgency in which I needed to find a bathroom. My pace? Quicker than both of my previous days. My distance? A tad shorter than Tuesday’s workout. How does that work out?

Anyways, overall, I am glad I got out there this morning.

Can’t wait until Monday morning to start Week 2!

[Run 15 min, walk 1 min] x 3, sandwiched between a 5 min warm up/ cool down.

Think I’ll hit five miles? Ooooh I hope!

If I don’t hit 5 miles soon, I’m going to start having nightmares of dying in the Feaster Five.

2 weeks to go.


8 thoughts on “The Most Gorgeous Toilet I Have Ever Experienced

  1. Just wait. Someday, if you decide to be pregnant, the bathrooms that once were never up to snuff become regular stops on your way. You’ll know where every single one of them is and how long it takes to get to them.

  2. Hey, great going on the running! I ran today, too! Instead of going up Main St., I took a left off of our street, and went around the big block, back up to Main St and back down to our street. More hills. Ugh, but good.

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