Portuguese Kale Soup

Confession: I did not run this morning.

I just couldn’t get out of bed at 6am. Could. not. do. it.

I guess 5 hours of sleep/night over the past few nights finally did me in.

I felt guilty about it all day. I’m trying to get over it.

I’ve already put out my clothes for tomorrow morning. See?

So what DID I do today, you are asking?

Oh, you mean besides the 8 hours of work and the 2 hours of commuting?

I made this:

Portuguese Kale Soup

Recipe found here, forwarded to me by my dear friend Nick.

Easy to throw together. And very healthy — especially if you substitute turkey sausage for the chorizo (I did not).

Nick and I both have a deep love for kale.

Okay, Nick may love it a tad more than I do.

But I probably love photographing it a lot more than he does. So veiny! So curly! So green!

Speaking of, I wish my apartment didn’t cause everything to photograph yellow.

Looks pukey.

Time to invest in some new lighting.

Since cooking before it gets dark out is totally not an option. Thanks daylight savings.

Enjoyed with some buttery garlic bread on the side.

Perfect soup for a chilly fall night. Comforting. Delishballs.

Thanks Nick!

Back to your regularly scheduled workout in the AM.


7 thoughts on “Portuguese Kale Soup

  1. What Carole said along with going to Picknik.com to edit your photos, works great. Are you using you phone or your camera to take photos? I know you can probably adjust the white balance on both, but the camera might be easier.

    And, you’ll be making that soup when you are home, right?

    • Yeah, I try playing with editing. I use both my camera and my phone. Sometimes my pictures even come out better on my phone! I seem to have no trouble when I have lots of natural light — it’s the dim, stale light that gets me. I will try to figure out this white balance adjustment.

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