Bridge to 10K, Week 2, Day 2: Something To Focus On

Is it me, or does this feel like the longest. week. ever? It’s torture!

Okay, maybe torture is a bit dramatic, but this always seems to happen the week before a holiday, right? It just feels like it drags on and on and on.

This morning I was up nice and early, ready for my run. First things first, I checked the weather:

No,, I would not like to view singles near me. Thanks for looking out for me, though!

46°F = jacket weather. And oh boy was I happy I bundled up. It was chilly out!

I’m learning that if the temps are 50° or above, I can get away with just a tank, but once we hit those sub 50° temps, even by just a few degrees, a second layer is a must.

Here’s what was in store for me, same as Tuesday:

Since I am still mentally recovering from the challenging run I experienced on Tuesday, I decided that this morning would be the perfect time for a change of scenery. I nixed my usual route and headed down to pretty Hoboken, hoping for some inspiration.

Oh, hello, Empire State Building. You’re pretty inspirational, if you ask me.

I recently read somewhere that the most efficient way to run is by taking small strides, keeping your feet directly under you, and leaning a little bit forward, so that you are letting gravity help to propel you forward.

After my last run, I feel like I need all the help I can get! So I decided to put this technique into action.

I’m not sure if it helped or not, but it did give me something to focus on.

Anytime I found myself starting to think negative thoughts (my legs hurt! I can’t breathe! running is dumb! why am I not still cozy in bed!?), I tried to get my mind to re-focus on making sure my body was aligned and that I was sticking to form.

Another great thing about this run? NO CRAMPS. I really can’t figure out what causes my occasionally painful cramps. I don’t feel like I do much different from run to run, yet sometimes I get them, sometimes I don’t.

I ended up completing the first two 15 minute segments strong. The third segment was a bit rough, but I did manage to run most of it.

The hard part about my Hoboken route is that it ends with about 3/4 mile uphill. It was really hard to full-out run the last 5 minutes uphill, so I made the game time decision use my music as a tool: I would run during the chorus of my song, and walk through the verses. This kept me motivated and focused right up to the end of the workout.

It also make me feel a tad bit less of a failure for having to walk.

Here are my stats:

Lo and behold, I JUST hit the 5 mile mark! 

I was pretty proud when I looked down and saw that 5.01. Today’s run marks the longest distance I have ever run. Eeek!

And good thing too, because the Feaster Five is exactly one week away! Although I am terrified, after this morning’s run I have officially chosen to run the 5 mile race, as opposed to the 5K.

Okay, so no ticket has been purchased yet, but putting it on here makes it official, right?

One week and counting…

I’m scared.


6 thoughts on “Bridge to 10K, Week 2, Day 2: Something To Focus On

  1. Occasionally when running, we forget to breathe in a consistent manner. Any little “slip” in a breathing pattern, will cause your diaphragm to cramp. If you have a breathing pattern of in 2 counts, out 2 counts or in 3 counts and out 3 counts or in 4 counts and out 4 counts, then your diaphragm muscles don’t have an opportunity to cramp. All it takes is simply thinking about something that takes your mind off your breathing, and wham, cramps begin. When our awareness of our body is sidetracked with something else, it can cause things to get out of whack. I hope this helps you! Best of luck to you on your race! 🙂 Most importantly, have fun!

    • Thanks Taylor, and thanks for reading! Consistent breathing has always (since a short stint on my middle school cross country team!) been a huge problem for me. It seems like every time I do try to regulate it, I get myself all psyched out, and make it worse. Hopefully as I build up more endurance and strength, this will get easier for me?

      • Yes! It will! Running is definitely not my cup of tea (as you read in my marathon post). It really never has been, although I am running right now for cardio. But I have found that each time I start over or start training in a different manner, if I don’t mentally count my breaths, both in and out (even if I can only get 2 inhale’s and 2 exhales’s in the beginning), I’ll get side stitches every time. Your diaphragm muscles have to be trained too, so it does come with building up more strength and endurance. Best of luck to you!!

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