Bridge to 10K, Week 2, Day 3 – I Got Through It

Today was a busy Sunday. I am not a fan of busy Sundays. I’m a firm believer that Sunday should be a day of rest. A day of movie watching, pajama wearing and junk food eating.

Sometimes, that choice is not my own.


As I knew I had to put a few hours of work at the theatre this Sunday, earlier in the weekend I made the decision to save my workout for Sunday, as well. That way, Saturday could be a complete day of rest.

That happened. You saw the photos.

Today, I paid.

I was up nice and early (well, early for a Sunday) for Day 3 of Week 2 of Bridge to 10K. First things first, I checked the weather:

I was shocked when I saw that it was over 50°F? You know what this means… jacket-less weather.

The internal decision making process should have ended there.

But… I was just so confused. I had glanced outside when I first woke up, and people were all bundled up in coats and hats. It looked pretty darn cold.

So, I ignored the results of my jacket experiment, and threw on my coat.

MIS. TAKE. I warmed up really quickly. About 15 min in, I had to take off my jacket and tie it around my waist. That is not a comfy way to run.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: over 50°F = no jacket, under 50°F = jacket.

No questions. No second guessing… just do it.

I’m glad that’s all sorted out.

Here was my run for today (last day of Week 2!):

You’ve seen it before.

My run was okay. I got a small cramp, but worked through it. I walked a few times. I got bored. My playlist didn’t excite me.

I’m getting to this weird point in my training where my body wants to go faster than it is able to. When I do give in and run faster than I know I should, I run out of steam and have to take walking breaks.

All I want to do is run fast, and be able to sustain it.

Is that too much too ask?

Here are my stats:

Just shy of 5 miles. Pace over 11 minute miles. Sad.

It wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t terrible. I got through it.

This was my last big workout before the Feaster Five race this Thursday!

Based on today’s run, I’m slightly terrified.

It’s frustrating that I didn’t make it up to 5 miles, but I’m hoping that the combination of a few rest days, the adrenaline of the crowd and the excitement of the holiday will give me an extra boost on race day.

Oh, and the fact that the rest of my family will be running. And they are pretty fast. Faster than me, anyways. I want to beat them. Some nice, friendly sibling competition should be motivation enough (just don’t tell them)!


On the way home from work tonight, I bought myself a special treat:

I typically don’t like to spend my hard earned money on magazines, but once in a while, I give in and pick one up. It’s a girl thing.

A quick flip in the Rite Aid led me to these bad boys:

Holiday flavored Cliff Bars!? Have you guys seen these yet? I am so. in. I will be on the lookout for these bad boys!

Just 4 days until The Feaster Five. Just 4 days until I get to eat my entire body weight in mashed potatoes. Just 4 days until we can start officially listening to Christmas Music!

What are you most looking forward to this holiday week?


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