Farewell NYC (for a few)

This time tomorrow I will be long gone from this city that I love and en route to New Hampshire for a traditional New England Thanksgiving with my family.

I can’t wait!

Before I abandoned NYC for a few days, there were two very important things I wanted to get in:

#1. Playdate with Best Friend Kerry. Remember her? Welcome back, Kerry! It’s been a while since you’ve been featured on the blog. Good to see you.

We met up at a Starbucks near my office to catch up.

We love Starbucks too. much. Look — we are both Gold Card Members! Jealous? I have been a member for a year longer, but her name is in all caps, so, I guess we are even.

Kerry ordered a bottled water (she’s been sick for a few days) and I went with a soothing green tea.

Later, about 1/4th of that green tea ended up down my dress, and in my lap. You don’t get pictures for that one.

After a few hours of chit chat, gossip and Thanksgiving wishes, Kerry and I parted ways, and I was starved.

Good thing I had plans to meet up with another friend at my favorite Union City Restaurant!

 It was time for #2. Dinner at Park Ave Bar and Grill.

As PAB&G more than deserves a post of it’s own one of these days, I won’t get too much into my mild obsession… but let’s just say this is one hidden gem of a restaurant.

And when it is cold and rainy outside like tonight? It is just that much better to settle in at PAB&G and enjoy a cozy meal.

Since I am doing some mini carbo loading for my 5 mile race on Thursday, I treated myself to a Sam Winter:

I know beer isn’t the healthiest thing load up on, but hey, I figured one glass after a long two-day week wouldn’t hurt.

I was pleasantly surprised when my beer was served in an authentic Sam Winter glass! Aren’t the snowflakes adorable?

I love the Seasonal Sam Adams beers. Cinnamon, orange and ginger? Sign me up! Bonus: At PAB&G, all Sam Seasonal beers are $4. Score!

For my meal, I went with the Guinness-battered tilapia sandwich + fries:

It was so dim in there — the picture didn’t turn out great, but let me tell you, it was delicious! As a matter of fact, everything at PAB&G is very tasty. But… let’s save that for another post 🙂

Only two days until Thanksgiving and the big Feaster Five (mile)! I am actually starting to get really excited for it.

Funny how easily the mind blocks things out… only a few rest days and I’ve all but forgotten how hard running can be.

That’s definitely a good thing.


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