That Whole Thanksgiving Thing

Yesterday, I ran my first 5 mile race. It was awesome! It was all I could talk about.

What’s that? You missed my Feaster Five recap? No worries, you can read all about it here.

And now? For what happened after the race. You know. That whole Thanksgiving thing.


After the race (and a much needed Dunkin’s detour), we all headed home for a big Thanksgiving dinner at my parent’s house.

While the turkey cooked, we snacked.

Shrimp cocktail by Uncle Dan. Homemade hummus, tabouleh and chicken liver pâté by Nana.

I swear Nana’s tabouleh gets better each time she makes it. It was delish! I need to make sure to get this recipe, if she even has one (she’s more of a throw it together kind of woman… a true cook).

I also made sure to get my contribution ready. Mashed potatoes!

Made with potatoes from Nana’s garden, butter and cream.

(I would really love to make a healthified version, but certain members of the family would SO not go for that one. Maybe next year I’ll make two versions?)

Mum was in charge of the good stuff:

The drink of the day? Southern Tier PUMKING!

I discovered this pumpkin beer while on a trip upstate back in September and fell in love.  When Mum started to show interest in pumpkin beer, I told her that this was the one to try. It’s the most pumpkiny pumpkin beer out there!

Sure enough, she loved it and made sure to stock up on a bunch just for Thanksgiving.

Mum goes the extra mile and rims the glass with cinnamon and sugar. Super yum. And super cute.

In the early afternoon, the family gathered around the table for dinner. As always, Marc was in charge of carving the turkey:

Yes, that’s a Christmas plate you see there. Don’t get confused! Looks like we need to add a few more turkey plates to our collection for next year.

At the head of the table, Dad and Erin:

And some happy cousins, across the way:

After the meal, everyone dispersed around the house to clean, nap and watch football. Erin and Jasmine showed off some of their tricks:

Once everyone was rested and digested, it was finally time for PIE. I went with a slice of pumpkin, and about an hour later came back for some banana cream.

Overall, a lovely and predictable Thanksgiving. That’s the way I like it.

Happy Thanksgiving (weekend) from my family to yours!


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