Houston, We Have A Problem

You guys… I accidentaly left behind my computer charger in New Hampshire!

Awwww, man.

Mum stuck it in the mail today. So I should have it by Wednesday, earliest? Fingers crossed?

My computer is completely dead, but I am determined to finish out the final three days of NaBloPoMo strong!

Between my work computer and iPhone, I should manage to get something up. I mean, this is 2011.

I would go out and buy a charger (especially because mine is on it’s way out the door anyways), but Apple products are so expensive! $79 for a charger? I’ll wait a few days, thankyouverymuch.

In other non-news, I did not run today. I’m sad about that. I did not yoga today. I am extra sad about that.

I did eat healthy today though! Hopefully I don’t ruin that one in the next 2.5 hours before bed.

But I can’t stop thinking about that chocolate Haagan Daz in the freezer. Hey — it’s all about portions, right?

You keep telling yourself that, Gillian.

Happy Monday! Until tomorrow…


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