Friday Night in NYC

I’m back!

It’s been forever! An eternity!

A whole day.

Yesterday I had one of those “full days” I mentioned in my last post. I worked 8 hours, took a quick dinner break and then it was over to the theatre to work for a bit longer. I eventually ended up getting home around 11pm and made the exhausted decision to take the day off from blogging.

After I made this decision, I sat on my couch and was overcome by this overwhelming sad/guilty feeling. I felt like a failure to miss a day. Thanks to NaBloPoMo, I had been on such a posting streak! The only way I could come to terms with my decision was by promising myself that I would blog about it today.

So, here we are.


In my last post, I asked you (my readers!) for some feedback about what types of posts you enjoyed the most. (Thank you to Mum, Carole and Taylor for reading and for being so supportive!)

You asked for more NYC posts, and luckily tonight was one of those perfect NYC nights to share.

After work, I went for a stroll through Bryant Park.

During the holidays, artisans set up shop in Bryant Park. It is festive and a great place to find some really unique gifts!

In addition to the shops at Bryant Park, a skating rink springs up each winter. It is officially called “Citi Pond.”

Can you believe I’ve lived in NYC for seven years and have never been ice skating? Maybe this year will be my year!

After passing through Bryant Park, I made my way over to the main branch (The Schwarzman Building) of the New York Public Library.

You know, just that place that Carrie and Big almost got married. No big deal.

I finally signed up for my first NYC library card! Romantical.

I belong to a book club and have been spending about $10-$20 monthly on books! Hopefully this will help me cut back a bit.

After library-ing, it was up to Harlem for Patsy’s pizza.

Although there are quite a few knock-off Patsy’s throughout Manhattan, the original is in Harlem, up on 118th and 1st. It first opened in 1933, and I hear it hasn’t changed much over the years.

It is the perfect place to spend a cozy Friday night!

A bottle o’ cab.

Although I prefer the taste of white wine, there’s just something so perfect about red wine and pizza.

Patsy’s famous thin-crust pizza. Half cheese (for me!), half meatball (for a friend).

An all-around delicious evening.


4 thoughts on “Friday Night in NYC

  1. I want to go Christmas shopping in Bryant Park! I mean, Christmas browsing, I guess. The city is so much fun. I’m going into Boston tomorrow to attempt a world record breaking caroling event. Dad, Uncle John and Trish are going with. Hopefully we will have a little city fun before heading home. I have some errands to do.

    Pizza looks yummy. Tell the friend who eats meatball pizza I said hi!

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