My Grown Up Christmas List

It’s (finally) beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thanksgiving is over and the tree at Rockefeller Center has officially been lit.

 Christmas lists of years gone by have included: American Girl Dolls, Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies, the latest TLC CDs and autographed Broadway posters.

These days, my Christmas list tends to be a bit more practical. It turns out, being an adult can be really expensive! Christmas is a good time to ask for those things that, at this point in life, I just don’t have the extra cash for.

Here are a few practical (and a few not so practical) items that are on my wish list this holiday season:

1. Rain Boots

Living in the city means walking everywhere and just one rainy commute can ruin a favorite pair of shoes. Rain boots are a must!

 I purchased some cheap Target rain boots when I first moved here, but those crapped out ages ago and I’ve been waiting to replace them with something a bit nicer.

Although trendy, I am so over the Hunter rain boots. It seems like everyone (especially the girls in my office) has them these days!

Here are two pairs of boots that I have my eye on:

J. Crew Aigle Equibelle Wellies

I have a huge crush on these boots. I love the brown sole and the red extension at the top. Although I think I could really rock these boots, they are a tad expensive. An alternative?

L.L. Bean Wellies

At $59 these boots are much more reasonable and they have 4-5 star ratings. They look great in both the green and the bright navy — I’d wear either!

2. Electronic Toothbrush

I’ve been meaning to invest in an electronic toothbrush for a while. Teeth are precious, and I would like to keep mine in the best shape possible! After some googling, it seems that Oral B makes a top rated brush. The feature I like the most? When you brush too hard, it stops vibrating so you know to back off a bit. Awesome.

3. Yankee Candles

Although candles seem like such a bland gift, I am always SO HAPPY to receive them. I love the ambiance and fragrance they add to my apartment, but am never willing to dish out the dough to purchase them. For me, they are a special treat.

This cranberry chutney flavor sounds yummy, although really I enjoy any food/dessert flavor.

4. External Hard Drive

With all of the blogging and photo uploading I’ve been doing lately, my MacBook has been running really slow. I am terrified that some day soon it will crash and I will lose all of my precious photos and music! I would love to get everything backed up on an external hard drive, just to be safe. I have no idea which brand is best, but this one seems to be highly rated and a pretty good deal.

5. Jewelry from Satya

My friend Kerry has a few Satya necklaces that she routinely wears and I find myself admiring them every time I see her! They are delicate and feminine and each piece has an individual meaning behind the symbols and stones used.

I love so many pieces listed on the Satya website, it is hard to choose a favorite!

Although I would be happy to own any piece of Satya jewelry, I think that this Two Blooms Necklace in gold is very beautiful and I find the meaning behind the lotus flower inspirational.


So… tell me! What are you wishing for this holiday season? I’d love to hear!

Please note that I, in no way, expect to receive all or any of these items for Christmas! This post is for fun. My favorite part of Christmas is tradition and time spent with family and loved ones.


One thought on “My Grown Up Christmas List

  1. My Christmas Wish List…a Silhouette Cameo bag (it’s a die cutting machine and they make a special bag to carry it around in because it’s kind of awkward to carry in the big box it came in…or just by itself); the new Zumba Dance game for Wii (always wanted to try Zumba, but from the comfort of my own home because I have no rhythm…lol); Perfume; and a few books I’ve had my eye but don’t want to pull out the money for them. All things I would like to have, and all things not “practical” in the sense that I can live without them and I’m not sure I would spend money on them for myself, but would graciously accept as a gift. 🙂 Other things are more practical in life (sometimes being an adult is no fun….lol).

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