Potluck ‘n Pie

Remember last weekend when I baked a test run of an apple pie?

Well, yesterday was my office’s annual Holiday Party and Pie-Off event.

The holiday party began with an impressive potluck – my lil company puts out a decent spread!

As I made my team’s pie for the competition, I didn’t contribute to the pot luck. I was more than happy to dig in, though!

There were so many delicious dishes to choose from. I decided go for a small taste of a few things that I considered a treat.

A deviled egg, some turkey and ham, homemade mac & cheese (with the crumbly topping!), a sun-dried tomato pasta dish and two pieces of broccoli for a dash of green.

(I also spent some quality time at the dessert table and totally forgot to snap a pic! Bad blogger. Cookies and brownies and pie were consumed. It was all yummy.)

On the side, I sipped a Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier.

You know me and my fruity beers — I can’t get enough! I ended up having two of these over the course of the evening.

I got to spend some time with one of my favorite little people:

 My coworker’s two year old who calls me “Jiddean.” It’s pretty adorable.

After some eating and mingling, it was time for the pie-off competition.

The pie-off score is based 50% on the pie itself and 50% on the presentation (skits, songs, re-enactments, etc… basically, you are looking for the most creative and hilarious way to present your pie. I do work at a theatre company, after all!)

Here is how my pie turned out:

Overall, I was happy with it! I got a lot of compliments on the taste of my pie, and my team’s presentation went very well. Unfortunately, this year’s competition was stiff and we did not win any awards (unless you count a tie for second place in the “viewer’s choice” category).

We were sort of bummed, but overall I was just happy to have participated! This was my third year attending the pie-off, but my first year participating. It takes a lot of nerve to get up there and I’m glad that this year I made the leap and joined the fun.

Now… time to start planning for next year’s pie-off! It’s never too soon…

Tell me: What does your office do to celebrate for the holidays? Have you every participated in a pie-off?


4 thoughts on “Potluck ‘n Pie

  1. At my previous job, we had Christmas competitions. Door decoration competitions, dessert competitions, trivia games, and sometimes a Scavenger Hunt or two. 🙂 I am a huge competitor when it comes to stuff like this. I have participated in all of it. I have won the dessert competitions (and most of the time I had a pie or two entered…but I have Chocolate Chip Kahlua Cake that is to die for!!) As for door decorations, my fitness team (consisting of the Personal Trainers) teamed up to decorate our hallway and I did the 12 Reindeer and Santa’s Sleigh. I took reindeer templates and santa’s sleigh and had them enlarged enough to cover a majority of the door. I set them flying over the city’s skyline, so each door had rooftops at the bottom. I also ran the reins from the sleigh and on to each reindeer all the way to Rudolph. We even hung snow hanging from the ceiling. I had so much fun doing this! 🙂 We won. We even had people trying to cheat to beat us out the of the competition, but they didn’t have a chance. haha 🙂 So glad you had fun in your competition!! The food looked yummy!

  2. My boss is a grinch and we don’t get a holiday anything. Hrrmph! 🙂

    That toddler is adorable. And Jiddean is so much closer than G-yawn. hee.

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