Girlfriends, Cookies & Wine

Late Saturday night, I got an email from Kerry:

Girlfriends? Cookies? Wine? Sign me up!


Today was a busy and exhausting day at work, so it was nice to have some fun post-work plans to look forward to!

I offered to pick up drinks on the way:

I brought along a bottle of my favorite Raspberry Lambic. It is technically a beer, but tastes more like a fruity champagne. Perfect for a girly night in. I also brought some cider (I’ve never tried this brand but I liked the rustic looking label!) which we didn’t get to tonight.

I arrived at Kerry’s house straight from work and I was starved! We ended up ordering some vegan pizza from Two Boots. This pizza included: onions, mushrooms, artichokes, vegan cheese and pesto, amongst other toppings. It was good and very filling!

After pizza, it was time for the baking. Kerry is a strict vegan, so we decided to go with a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe from one of her cookbooks. It called for lots of new-to-me ingredients including fava bean flour and egg replacement! Who knew these things existed?

It was at this point that I started to get a bit panicked. I take my baking very seriously and am not proud to admit that I can be a bit of a control freak. There were a lot of cooks in this tiny kitchen and measuring cups, coconut oil and flour were flying in all directions! Vegan baking chaos!

This is where the Lambic came in handy. A few sips of that stuff helped me to chill out a bit.

Also helpful? The blondes took over the baking! 

They seemed amused in their attempt to decipher the vegan recipe, and before I knew it, cookies were in the oven.

The finished product:

The cookies came out okay, but they were no Toll House Chocolate Chip! They were dense, a bit bland and I heard someone mention that they thought they sort of tasted like hummus? I think the look on Becca’s face says it all:

I am all for trying to healthify recipes and am very supportive of my vegan friends BUT in my opinion: when it comes to sweets, sometimes you just have to go with the full fat butter and eggs. It’s called a treat for a reason, right?

Overall, it was really fun to have an excuse to get the girls together before the holidays. Thanks to Kerry for making it happen!

For you: Are you a laid back baker? Or a control freak (like me)? Have you ever done any vegan baking?


8 thoughts on “Girlfriends, Cookies & Wine

  1. I’m glad you had fun with your friends – but – I think vegan chocolate chip cookies are sort of doomed. I am totally a control freak when it comes to baking. I feel guilty about it because I never wanted my daughter to help me bake as I didn’t want to deal with the mess, etc but now she’s a grown up and doesn’t know the first thing about baking and I guess that’s my fault. Sigh.

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