A Bier International Birthday

Hello, hello, hello!

I’m alive, I promise!

My last post was all about Kerry’s vegan cookie party, which at this point, feels like ages ago.

The rest of this week was full of long work hours and christmas shopping and flew right by before I had the time to even think about posting.

Luckily, I had some fun plans lined up for Friday night!


Last night after work, some friends gathered to celebrate a birthday at one of my favorite places in the entire city: Bier International (Back in May, I wrote a review of Bier International which you can read here).

Upon arrival, I was pleased to see that BI was all decked out for the holidays:

Doesn’t it look festive?

I was very happy to be back at BI… it had been much too long since my last visit!

The birthday boy, himself:

… and the person who first introduced me to BI – thanks D!

I kicked the night off with a “new-to-me” beer: Domaine DuPage:

I chose the beer based on it’s description:

Toasty, sweet caramel? Yes, please!

This beer ended up being a bit darker than something I would typically choose. It was smooth and sweet with a bitter, hoppy finish. Although it was different for me, I actually really enjoyed it! The hints of caramel and brown sugar make this a perfect holiday beer.

As this beer was a tad heavy, one was about all I could handle. I switched to a lighter Hofbrau for the remainder of the night.

One fun thing about BI?

You can order your beer in a boot! Although it is kind of hard to tell, friends above are cheersing with boots full o’ beer!

I’m a bit jealous… I’m not sure I would ever be able to handle a boot! Two regular sized beers and I’m a pretty happy camper… and about done for the night.

Along with beer, we ordered a few plates of parmesan truffle fries (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can’t leave BI without trying them! They are the best!) and pretzels with mustard.

Overall, it was a fun and festive night. I’m never disappointed by Beer International.


Today, I finally got some much needed down time. I hung around the apartment and watched way too much TV. It was awesome.

While running a quick errand at Walgreens, I cam across these bad boys:

Holiday Pretzel Crisps!

I often buy the traditional Pretzel Crisps to eat along with hummus, so I was excited to see a holiday take on one of my favorite foods!

Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed by the Holiday Crisps:

Not as festive as they look on the package, huh?

These guys tasted like your typical chocolate covered pretzel and were just “okay.” I would have loved the pretzels to have been covered with more candy cane crunch and for the mint flavor to have been kicked up a notch!

Hey, maybe this just means I should go ahead and make my own choco-mint pretzels? Hmm…


Your turn: Have you encountered any delicious new holiday treats this year that you can recommend? I am such a sucker for christmas-flavored ANYTHING. Just add red/green to the packaging and maybe some candy cane or eggnog flavor and I can’t pass it by… what a sap.


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