Sparkly Christmas Cookies

On Sunday evening I finally found some time to bake up my first batch of (non-vegan, ha!) Christmas Cookies!

When it comes to my family, a huge part of getting into the Christmas spirit is baking Christmas cookies, and we have a long list of yummy recipes that we “NEED” to bake each year.

This year, I won’t be home in New Hampshire until Christmas “Eve-eve,” so I definitely wanted to get some baking done while still in NYC!

I decided to veer away from my family’s list of cookies and try something new: a traditional sugar cookie (funny that such a standard doesn’t make the Campbell cut!)

I used this recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life. Thanks Courtney!

These cookies turned out to be such a treat!

Two things I especially love about this recipe?

1. I love the sparkly effect that is created by rolling the cookie dough balls into the sugar crystals.

The sugar crystals make for such a glittery, photogenic cookie! And, they are delicious.

2. I love how salty these cookies are!

Between the salted butter and the actual use of salt, there is a delicious balance between salty and sweet.

I suggest you bake these ASAP. They are awesome.

For you: What is on your “must bake” list this holiday season? 


4 thoughts on “Sparkly Christmas Cookies

  1. Those look delicious and I bet they are fantastic. I always have to make Polish Tea Cakes and Peanut Butter Balls. This year I tried a new one, Cherry Chocolate Kisses and they area hit.

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