Christmas Threw Up All Over The House

Merry Christmas Eve Eve from New Hampshire!

Yesterday I wrapped up the work week. We celebrated the holidays at the office by ordering lunch and exchanging gifts. It was a great day that unfortunately ended with some frustrating news. I boarded my bus to Boston feeling a bit blue.

Let’s just say… it will be really good to get away for a while.

I let myself sleep in this morning and woke up with a rumbly tummy. While rummaging thought my parent’s house in search of breakfast, I was excited to discover Mum’s stash of chia seeds!

I have read a lot about the health benefits of chia seeds but had yet to try them. I sprinkled some on an english muffin topped with crunchy almond butter.

They didn’t really taste like much, but added a really nice extra crunch to the meal. I can’t wait to try them in oats and smoothies! On the side I had enjoyed a grapefruit and some coffee.

Coffee in a christmas mug is an instant cheerer-upper.

The best thing about eating grapefruit? The fresh juice you get to slurp up at the end. Yum!

The weather outside is gloomy and wet…

… which makes it the perfect day to get cozy, put on some Christmas music, and get to work!

At this point, it is a bit like Christmas threw up all over the house! There are boxes full of decorations all over the place. There is still a lot to do, but what better way to snap out of a bummer mood than by immersing yourself in the season?

Considering these are the only Christmas cookies I find in the house, I’m thinking I have a lot of work ahead of me! There’s also some shopping to finish up, and man, I’d love to make it to yoga. It’s been too long!

For you: What’s left on your holiday to-do list?


3 thoughts on “Christmas Threw Up All Over The House

  1. We have a big gathering at our house tonight so I have lots of things to do today to get ready. My plan is to be done with it all by 1pm so that I can watch the Pat’s game, though! Merry Christmas, Gillian!

    • Carol, we had the game on in the background of our Christmas prep… what a doozy! I hope your gathering was a lot of fun. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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