That Moment of Peace

Christmas Eve can be a very stressful day for my family.

There are presents to wrap and a house to clean. A brunch to prep. A dinner to prep. Cookies to bake. Countless trips to the store for forgotten items.

For a family made up of procrastinators,  let’s just say… things can get a bit tense.

Somewhere along the way, after the gifts have all been wrapped and the dishes are done, you realize that the sun has set. You look a bit closer and notice the tree lights reflecting off the window pane. That’s when it finally hits you… that moment of peace.

You remember what makes all the crazy, worth it. What Christmas is truly about.

It is about family and tradition. Listening to your sister sing “O Holy Night” at midnight mass and savoring every last note. Gathering by the tree and opening that first gift — new pajamas.

26 years and it still hasn’t gotten old.

I hear it never does.

Merry Christmas Eve, one and all!


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