Christmas with the Campbells

The day begins with a hearty brunch with Dad’s side of the family.

Sausage-Potato Casserole and a slice of Salmon Quiche.

Mum’s family arrives for the second half of the day.

Cousins texted earlier in the day: “Are you guys dressing up?”

Nah, let’s make this day as cozy as possible.

The Beaujolais Nouveau is sipped.

We gather round the kitchen for stories and laughter.

Dinner is served.

This year Marc made his specialty: Beef Stroganoff (see bottom left). I made sure to dig in, but also fill my plate with lots of greens.

Gifts are exchanged and names are drawn for a new tradition: anyone over age 20 will participate in a gift swap.

I got a tough person… it’s going to be a hard one! Only 364 days left to find the perfect gift.

Nana’s homemade tiramisu. SO. GOOD.

And this year: a surprise!

Uncle Sean and Kristin are engaged!

He popped the question on Dec 23rd and we all saw the ring photos go up on the Facebook that night. Quite a happy surprise from a man who swore he would never tie the knot! Funny how an engagement brings the whole family together. Everyone was full of congratulations and excited to hear about wedding plans.

(Speaking of… this brings my 2012 wedding count up to 3. Yikes!)

Overall, a very happy Christmas 🙂

For you: How did you spend your Christmas? Was Santa good to you?


3 thoughts on “Christmas with the Campbells

  1. That sounds like a lovely Christmas. We have a big gathering at our house on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning we open gifts with our kids and then we went to my brother-in-law’s house for Christmas dinner late in the afternoon. We had an amazing meal of venison tenderloin, wild rice, turnip, squash, upscale green bean casserole, spiced cranberry sauce, and corn muffins. The wild rice and the green beans are my favorite and my sister-in-law makes them just for me!

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