Post Christmas Blues

Did anyone else wake up with the Post-Christmas Blues this morning?

It’s like – Christmas is over, now what? Luckily, I took this entire week off from work and have some very fun New Year’s Eve plans lined up, so there are still a few things to look forward to.

I began the day with a healthy breakfast (to make up for all some of yesterday’s sins):

Steel cut oats mixed with a bit of almond milk and topped with almonds and crumbled cranberry bread from yesterday’s brunch.

The majority of the day was pretty lazy. Around dusk, I managed to drag myself outside for a 2 mile jog.

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that this is only my second run since the Feaster Five Mile race, and man, something is still wrong with my right knee! I had been making such progress, so this setback is really frustrating. It may be time to go see a physical therapist once I get back to the city.

This evening, I met up with Briah and Matt at Michael’s Harborside in Newburyport.

Briah and Matt used to live a block away from me in New Jersey and this past summer they moved to Boston to be closer to family. They are like family to me and I miss them dearly! Luckily, we all grew up in the same area, so I get to see them when I am home for the holidays.

We had a really fun evening catching up, planning a potential ski trip and discussing details for their upcoming wedding next September. I can’t wait!

My drink of choice for the evening? Angry Orchard Hard Cider:

Here is a picture of my sister, Erin, with her Angry Orchard Cider on Christmas. She introduced me to this yummy cider, so I was excited to see that Michael’s Harborside had it on tap! It is pretty interesting when your younger sister starts influencing your drink choices… just sayin!

Randomly, Briah and I managed to bump into some college friends tonight:

These girls are a few years younger than me, and are actually besties with my current roommate, Hope. It is always a surprise to run into NYC friends while home in New Hampshire. It’s like a bizarre merging of all worlds.

For you: What gets you over those Post-Christmas Blues? I’m easy — distract me with healthy eats, a workout and best friends and I’m all but cured.


2 thoughts on “Post Christmas Blues

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  2. Looks like you had such a fun night out! So funny that you ran into another AOIIs! I hope you are enjoying your week off and relaxing a lot! I definitely need to see you soon! I miss you so much! Get pumped for the new season of the Bachelor!! I’m sending all my love to you…have a great new years celebration!

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