It’s A Busy, Wonderful Life

Don’t worry, I promise you I’m not planning on going totally MIA again, it has just been a #crazybusy week. Where do I begin? A week ago, the theater looked like this:


The crew had 24 short hours to get things in order. After an overnight call, lots of pizza and some theater magic, a holiday show was born.

photo (10)

Lucky for me, my job has been made easy by a talented, sweet, humble cast and packed audiences for opening weekend.

photo (12)

photo (11)

Once a show hits the ground running I know I am in for long days and little time off, as I straddle office work during the day and production work at night and on the weekends. It can all be incredibly exhausting and taxing on both my mind and body, especially as I try to find time to exercise (not so much), finish up my Christmas shopping (hello and keep the stress induced migraines at bay (herbal tea by the gallon).

While I could definitely use help in all of these departments, there is one area in which I am completely fulfilled: HOLIDAY SPIRIT.

photo (9)

The tree is lit, the music has been playing for weeks and I get to watch the beginning of It’s A Wonderful Life almost every. single. night. for the rest of December. My Christmas cup overfloweth!


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