First Annual Holiday Party

Last night was my company’s first annual holiday party. First annual, well, because 12 months ago, we didn’t exist! D (and his childhood friend Randy, fresh off the plane from Colorado) drove down from the city to join me and I felt honored to be accompanied by two handsome dates. We sipped pomegranate and prosecco and everything was festive and cozy, as freezing rain drizzled down the windows outside.

Entertainment was provided by the charming and talented Malcolm Gets, who serenaded us with holiday tunes and a twist on the Billy Joel classic: “In a New York Hope State of Mind…” He finished up his set with a sing-a-long and we all got teary as we sang “I’m dreaming of a white christmas, just like the ones I used to know…

I swayed in the semi circle that had formed around the piano and scanned the bright faces of my colleagues and friends — people who, just a year ago, were strangers to me; in a place that, just a year ago, I had never heard of. This year has been exhausting, and a challenge at times, but along the way I had the opportunity to create art where there was no art, with some of the kindest, most passionate people I have ever met. I feel very lucky to have been given this special gift.

Ironically enough, my fortune this evening:


Love when that happens.

And… I do!


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