Vermont New Years Eve – Part Two

Back at The Schoolhouse we spent the early evening playing Forty Fives.


Forty Fives is a card game that originated in Northeastern Massachusetts (where I grew up and my family lives). The random/funny thing is, I actually originally learned how to play a version of this game during my semester abroad in Australia! I love this game because it is 50% luck and 50% strategy/skill – it definitely keeps you on your toes.

Once our game finished (Ben won!) we poured drinks and got to work preparing our feast.


NYE The Schoolhouse


Part of the charm of The Schoolhouse is that is has been kept true to its original form. With the kitchen lacking an oven and no conventional cooktop, the boys bundled up for some winter grilling.



^vermont headlamp fashion

NYE The Schoolhouse1

^my contribution to the meal: cranberry chutney to garnish the pork

We gathered to break bread just before midnight.



I love the fact that while most of my friends were partying it up in the city, paying for over-priced drinks and traipsing around in the cold, we were sitting down to a cozy homemade meal. Chill, low key, and totally my style 🙂

 It was only our second year New Years-ing at The Schoolhouse, but I hope it becomes a place to gather and a tradition for years to come.

…and, because I have more fun photos to share, stay tuned for part three.

[click for part one]


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