I Heart Sundays


Sunday is my favorite day of the week BY FAR. Besides the fact that it is widely considered a “day of rest and reflection” (aka an excuse to sit around in cozy pants and watch the entire first season of GIRLS in one sitting… whoops), here are some other reasons I look forward to Sundays:

CBS Sunday Morning. I love, love, love the routine of waking up every Sunday by 9am to watch this show for the following reasons:

1. 9am is the perfect Sunday wake-up time. It’s late enough to feel like you slept in and early enough that you aren’t allowed to totally sleep the day away.

2. The show is a great combination of current events, history, the arts and pop culture.

3. I love me some Charles Osgood (the host)! Did anyone see the recent episode in which he played the piano and sang for his birthday? Swoon.

Extra time to make an awesome breakfast (or, umm, for D to make me an awesome breakfast while I sit on the couch watching CBS Sunday Morning). Today was lemon-raspberry pancakes with a side of Tofurky italian sausage:


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The Sunday Routine column in the NY Times: in which “prominent New Yorkers recount their weekend rituals.” As an avid reader, I am just plain old fascinated by people and their daily activities and routines. I love the glimpse this column gives into the lives of people who are otherwise relatively private. Very inspiring stuff!


I also spent some of the day researching races to fulfill my New Years Goals-a-lution. Here are a few fun ones I came across:

This morning, I saw race recaps posted by two of my favorite bloggers, and became intrigued by the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series. The concept behind this series is that they take a race and turn it into a women’s weekend retreat — filled with workshops, yoga classes, etc. It could be a lot of fun, especially if I could convince some lady friends to participate with me! I have my eye on the Cape Cod Half in September.

As I was looking up info for the Bronx Zoo today (wanted to plan a visit for my day off tomorrow, but sadly they are closed) I discovered that the zoo hosts a 5K in April called Run For the Wild. How awesome could that be, running through the grounds of the zoo!? Bonus: the race is a fundraiser for the Wildlife Conservation Society — specifically raising money to save the elephants.

The New York Road Runners Coogan’s 5K. This one would be perfect because it is in early March (gives me just enough time to get back into the swing of running) and is local. I’ve heard this race can be pretty crowded, but with live bands playing along the route, it could be really fun.

So there you have it – a very wordy, link-y post. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

Questions: What is your favorite thing about Sunday? Which of the above races sounds the most fun to you?


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