What I Ate Wednesday – Martin Luther King Day Style

Wasn’t Monday the most delicious “day off” ever? For those of you who had the day off, I’m sure you can agree. For those of you who didn’t? I’m sure it was a delicious day, nonetheless 🙂 My weekend was spent in my NYC apartment, so it was nice to have that extra day to enjoy the city. Here were my eats for the day:

Thank you to Jenn for hosting!


photo (1)

My morning staple, a cup of coffee. This is the rare warm cup of coffee for me – when temps fall below freezing, I am forced to give up my iced!

photo (2)

For breakfast I made Tina’s two-ingredient pancakes (I used two large bananas and three eggs). One for me, one for D.

photo (3)

Topped with almond butter, maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


After watching the Presidential Inaguration, we decided to go on a drive up the Hudson River to Beacon, NY to visit The Dia. We didn’t exactly make it to the Dia before it closed (oops, next time?), but we did discover a cute little restaurant called Beacon Falls Cafe where I had an awesome veggie burger + side of fries.

photo (4)

A two hour drive for a good veggie burger is worth it in my opinion 🙂


photo (5)

Snacks when we got home. I love this Metromint Chocolatemint water — zero calories, yet tastes like a dessert.


photo (1)_2

That evening we threw together a lil romantic end-of-the-long-weekend dinner. This tuna had been defrosting in the fridge ALL weekend waiting for us to cook it up – but last minute we would say “umm let’s go out for pizza” or “mexican, anyone?” I’m glad we finally got around to cooking it on Monday, it was delicious!


We seared the tuna and topped it with a fresh pesto butter (recipe on Tuna package). Accompanied by a baked potato + greek yogurt, roasted asparagus, and a glass of red wine.

And for DESSERT – I had about 1/4 of a milk chocolate bar.


In the spirit of Inauguration Day, here’s a little laugh for you (photo taken of our TV, credit goes to D):

PaulRyanJayZ“Oh hey, Paul Ryan! So good to see you, man!” said Jay-Z, never.

Happy Wednesday!


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