A Weird Week

Most Mondays I wake up ready to tackle the week ahead. I have a plan of attack: a workout schedule, a full calendar and I make my way through the days focused and strong; in a way “earning” my weekend.

Last week was not one of those weeks. The entire week everything felt “off” and I was kind of all over the place. To start, it was a 4-day week. How come short weeks always turn into feeling like the LONGEST WEEK EVER? On Wednesday morning, my car wouldn’t start. I had to rely on rides to work so my gym schedule turned into a couch schedule. On Thursday morning I was greeted by giant rocket in my backyard (I still have no idea what that was about). And did I mention that it was FREEZING out? The Delaware looked like the Arctic. By the time the weekend finally rolled around, I just wanted to hibernate.

428158_696437581812_1402317727_n photo

To top it all off, on Saturday morning, a local woman went missing. I have been following this story since since Saturday morning and it really hits close to home. I don’t know Sarah, but she works just a few doors down from where I work – and walks the same route that I walk daily. Seeing news trucks and volunteers all around my little town, hearing the search helicopters flying low and watching divers going into the canal is just bizarre. You never think something like this could happen where you live, especially in a place that feels so safe. This whole thing has just been breaking my heart – I can’t imagine what her friends and family are going through. I have been checking the news constantly and keep praying that they find her and bring her home soon.

So — overall just a bizarre week. I’m trying to get this week off on a more focused note. The car is fixed, I’ve been making green smoothies, temps are above freezing and I plan to spend my post-work life at the gym. Time to get back on track.


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