I Miss Blogging


As you can tell from a quick glance at my blog history, I go through blogging phases. Here is how it typically goes:

  1. I get the blogging itch.
  2. I give in and begin blogging. It starts out as fun! I love having a platform to reflect and share bits and pieces of my journey. I get positive feedback from family and friends.
  3. Then all of a sudden it becomes not fun. I fall victim to my perfectionist tendencies; I become obsessive and critical of myself. Why am I not blogging enough? Am I blogging too much? Who is even reading this? That sounded dumb. What is my theme? What if my coworkers find this! Why is my blog so ugly looking?
  4. Finally, I convince myself that I have much better things to do than blog: read books, catch up on work, volunteer, clean, laundry, watch the housewives, etc. I tell myself that my blog is affecting my life in a negative way.
  5. I quit blogging. Not in a dramatic way. I just sort of stop.
  6. A few months (or years) go by and the blogging itch creeps on in… the cycle re-sets itself.

So, here I am, back at #2. At least for the moment 😉

“Learn about how your mind works, and you’ll be much better at all of this. The best ways: meditation and blogging. With meditation you watch your mind jumping around, running from discomfort, rationalizing. With blogging, you are forced to reflect on what you’ve been doing in life and what you’ve learned from it. It’s a great tool for self-growth, and I recommend it to every young person.” –Leo Babauta


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