A Belated 29


Two weeks ago I celebrated my 29th birthday. How did two weeks go by so fast? How did the past year go by so fast? I swear, the older I get, the quicker time flies. On May 22, 2014 I woke up to an overcast, drizzly, dreary day which felt magically mysterious and romantic, because it was my day, of course. At work my sweet coworkers spoiled me with treats, including Sprinkles cupcakes (possibly the best cupcakes in all of NY).



^ we may have finished these off for breakfast the next morning…

I had pondered organizing some sort of get together with friends for this monumental Last Year In My Twenties! Then I quickly remembered that I am mortified at being the center of attention and would be horrified by such a party. Instead, D “surprised” me with with house seats to the new Carole King musical, Beautiful, which I had been dying to see: 1. because of my love for the Tapestry album and 2. because I had heard non-stop glowing reviews from friends and coworkers. I say “surprised” because I may have mentioned this to D once or twice or possibly a hundred times in the days leading up to May 22. I am amazed he puts up with me! We  sat in the third row and I had a huge smile on my face (as did the rest of the audience) for the entire show. Such a stunning, feel-good musical — seriously, if you are in NY, it’s a must see!


^ fun to feel like a tourist for a night



We ended the night with another surprise – this time a real one! We cabbed it up to Red Rooster in Harlem (my new ‘hood) for a post-show dinner. Red Rooster has been on our list for a while, but you need a reservation a few days (weeks?) in advance and we never got organized enough to plan it. We walked in and my first thought was that we were not cool enough to be there! Everything was very swanky — servers were wearing fedoras and cute bow ties, I absolutely loved it. We drank cucumber mojitos and ate deviled eggs and fried chicken and it was the perfect ending to a perfect “Gillian” birthday. I felt so overwhelmed with love that day — thank you to all of my family and friends who made it so special. I truly am a lucky girl.


Okay universe, I’m ready… bring on 29.


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