Stitch Fix – June

From the first time I heard about Stitch Fix back in the fall of 2013, I knew that I had to try it. First off, let’s be real: this blog will never be a fashion blog. Shopping gives me anxiety: going into stores, trying things on in dressing rooms — I start to get a headache just thinking about it. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but really, shopping is not my favorite. Fashionista, I am not.

Despite that, I am a girl, I live in New York City, and I do love to feel pretty, confident and cute, especially at work and in midtown where there are so many fashionable ladies to keep up with.

Enter Stitch Fix — they basically exist to do all the work for me! Here is how it works: you fill out a style profile online including size, style, shape, budget and lifestyle. Then a Stitch Fix stylist puts together a box of 5 personalized items they determine you might like based on your style profile. You pay a $20 styling fee (which you are able to use as a credit towards anything you want to purchase in the ‘fix). If you buy all items you get 25% off everything. If not, anything you don’t want gets sent back in a pre-stamped UPS envelope provided in the ‘fix.

Before I signed up, I thought the worst that could happen is that I hate everything and am out the $20 styling feel, big deal. Months later I realize the worst that can actually happen is that I love EVERYTHING and am out $200+, but that’s a different story… 😉

I got my first fix back in February, and since then I have been hooked. I thought I’d share my most recent ‘fix with you today!

photo (30)^from the very first moment, receiving a ‘fix feels special because the packaging is so cute!
photo (29)

^each box comes with a personalized note and a styling card for each item that was sent to you — providing ideas of different ways to mix and match the pieces that were sent to you with other items that you may already have in your (27)^I always try on the things I know I am going to love first, and this striped top by Pomela immediately spoke to me. It is lightweight, breezy, great colors and very comfortable. Also only a reasonable $48. Winner! (28)^I thought I was going to love this shirt by 41Hawthorn, but once I tried it on, I had second thoughts. The chest and under arms was a bit big, and the ruffle in the front felt uncomfortable. Also — at around $50, it felt a bit overpriced. I feel like I could have gotten something similar at Target or Express for a bit less. (26)^I was a bit skeptical about this black shirt by Pomelo. I tried it on and while I actually love the way it looks in the photo above, I was sucking my tummy in and felt sort of uncomfortable. This also felt a bit overpriced (around $50) for what it is, again something I could have gotten somewhere else for less money. (25)^also in my ‘fix were these blue ankle jeans fro Pink Martini. Stitchfix has really gotten me hooked to colored skinny pants — I have purchased a pair from almost every box since I started! Unfortunately, these pants were a bit too tight and I couldn’t get them up over my hips. The Jill Michael earrings on the right are really pretty and I would have definitely kept them if I was keeping more items – but on their own, it didn’t seem worth it to me this time. RETURN.

Overall, this was probably my least successful ‘fix. Up until now, I have always kept at least 2 or more items. I have been so happy with my Stitch Fix experience and I really look forward to getting the box in the mail each month — it’s like Christmas every month!

The links in this post are referral links, which means I will get a small credit if you sign up.  I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix, I purchased this service on my own and just love it so much that I wanted to post about it 🙂

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