A Little “Ray” of Sunshine

The baby countdown is officially over!

Okay — it was over more than a week ago but I have been too busy swooning over baby photos 24/7 to do anything else. My sister Meg gave birth to sweet little Reagan on the morning of Sunday, June 15, Father’s Day. My mom called to tell me she had arrived and exclaimed “and there’s a surprise!” This was quite disturbing to me for a few moments as my mind scrambled… she’s actually a he? …twins? …other more extreme things?

“… she’s got red hair!” 🙂

I was only able to stay for a day before heading back to NYC for work — but I have been getting my fair share of daily photo updates to tide me over until I can get back for another visit.

Here is a week — the first week — in the life our cute little Ray of sunshine:

photo (33)

^Day one, two hours old. Auntie meets niece. I loved watching her little nostrils flare as she got used to breathing. There was even a tiny snore or two mixed in there — absolutely adorable.

Reagan June 16B

^Day two. Stolen from my cousin Zoe’s instagram. Look at those gorgeous eyes!

reagan june 17_2

^Day three. First family photo shoot with Auntie Erin. What a cute lil family! Hat by mum mum over at Knitting the Blues.

Day 4

^Day four. Snuggly morning with mumma. The tiny hospital bracelet and the sweet dreaming smile kill me.

Day 5

^Day five. Time to go home! A tiny car seat for an even tinier baby.

photo (38)

^Day six. I think I’m gonna like it here!

Reagan June 21^Day seven. A visit from Auntie Erin. Reagan perfecting her cute baby animal pose.

photo (37)

^Day eight. Happy one week birthday Reagan! We all love you very much.


8 thoughts on “A Little “Ray” of Sunshine

  1. I can still remember the day each of my 3 nieces were born. It felt like I was inducted to a secret club I never knew existed. It is wonderful. And watching my sister 1. mother and 2. share you so I could be Auntie Mary were the best gifts she has ever given me. You now know how I feel every time I thing about you and your sisters.

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