A Weekend of Little Ladies + Time to Get Sweaty

This weekend I traveled up to New England to escape the city and celebrate all the little ladies in my life.

First up: lunch with the family at the Boston Legal Sea Foods for Erin’s birthday — she turns 23 on Wednesday!


^Birthday girl on the right

^Yummy crab meat roll with coleslaw and friesIMG_4477

^We all split some strawberry shortcake (x2) for dessertIMG_4486

^I got to spend lots of time with this little family. Reagan is getting so big! I love seeing all her new faces and expressions – she is even cute when she cries. I just love her so much.

^I also got to meet my new cousin Scarlett, who is about a month younger than Reagan. She was so sweet and serious and slept in my arms for about an hour. There are so many babies in my life right now! You would think I would get getting some major baby fever, but I am still a bit scarred from my sister’s labor/delivery experience. No babies for me in the near future!IMG_4485^Saturday evening included big plates of pasta and catching up on life with Nana.

Somehow my parents didn’t end of up in any of these photos, but I had a lot of fun with them as well — driving around and getting coffees with my dad and catching up with my mum.

Sunday I got back to the city pretty early (I wanted to drive in the daylight) and was able to unpack and get organized for the week.


Time To Get Sweaty

Now that I have been moved back to NYC and working at my new job for about 7 months the time has come to focus on getting back into a good workout routine (really, this is overdue!). I am really good about healthy eating on weekdays, although clearly on weekends, I let myself enjoy. The thing that is missing for me is physical workout part of things. Lately I have been feeling sluggish and just a bit blah. The whole reason I originally started this blog was to focus on living a healthy lifestyle (these are my favorite blogs to read as well) and I would love to get back to that.

Getting back into a routine for me is all about baby steps and small goals. I’d love to kick off each week with announcing a few simple goals and following up towards the end of the week. Let’s give it a shot!

Here are my *simple* goals for this week ending August 10:

  • walk/run at least three days
  • take at least two yoga classes

That is doable, yes? We’ll see. Happy Monday!


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