July Stitch Fix & Why Stitch Fix Works For Me

Time to share what arrived in my Stitch Fix box this month!

To see my first post on Stitch Fix, with more details about this fun service, click here.

This is my eighth fix, but only the second fix I’ve blogged about. After last month’s fix (which was such a bummer I didn’t share), I logged onto the website and gave the stylist some specific notes about what I was hoping for in my next fix:

  • a dress
  • a capri or cropped pant I could wear to work
  • a cross body bag for travel/walking around the city

Here is what was delivered to me:

1. Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan by Market and Spruce – $58


^Here is what it was supposed to look like


^Here is what it looked like on me. No matter how much I arranged and unzipped and re-zipped and pulled and prodded, I could not get the front to look droopy like it did in the example photo. Maybe it was too small? Maybe I did something wrong? Anyways, super awkward. RETURN.

2. Bessie Crochet Overlay Striped Tank by Mystree – $58


^This tank was sort of cute, but felt a bit juvenile for me. The place where the overlay stopped was sort of weird and made me a bit self conscious of my not-perfectly-flat tummy. Also:


^The tank arrived with a small tear in it. RETURN.

3. Patrick Cropped Chino Pant by Level 99 – $108


^I absolutely loved these pants. I think the color is fun and summery and the material was so soft, stretchy and comfortable. These were exactly what I was looking for! Unfortunately, the $108 price tag was a bit high for me right now. RETURN (sad about it, though).

4. Cotille Vegan Leather Zip Satchel by Emperia – $68


^I did think this bag was cute, but I had asked for a cross-body bag, which in my mind meant something a bit smaller with a long strap. The zippers were also hard to function and sharp and kept getting a stuck. RETURN.

5. Jacinta Flutter Sleeve Belted Dress by Skies are Blue – $74


We have a winner! I absolutely love this dress. It fits me well and it perfect for work and weekend. The price point is reasonable. It is light and flowy and I love feel of the material. I’ve already worn it twice since I received it last week. KEEP.

After last month’s bummer fix, I thought about canceling my subscription all together, but this month reminded me that even if I receive one item that I fall in love with, it is worth it to me.

Speaking of worth it – did anyone see this article? To sum it up, in what seems to be plain old sloppiness on someone’s part (Stitch Fix? a vendor?), a woman discovered pants in her fix were marked up from the discounted $25 that Stitch Fix purchased them for to a retail price of $68. She then talks about how she is immediately unsubscribing because the mark up is ridiculous and she can just go to Nordstrom Rack herself.

I can see how this would bother some people, but for some reason, this oversight does not particularly bother me. Sure, we could all travel to Nordstrom Rack and push and shove other ladies while digging through the sweaty sale racks where they may or may not have your size. And if you enjoy this sport (like lots of the women in my family) – more power to you! I wish I had your patience.

For me, bargain shopping is like my own personal hell. I am 100% happy to  pay a premium to have someone else do this leg work for me and then deliver these items to my door for free. Completely worth it in my book. It’s not about laziness, it’s more about what I am interested in and how I choose to spend my time and money.

… and this is why I will continue to enjoy and support Stitch Fix 🙂

The links in this post are referral links, which means I will get a small credit if you sign up.  I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix, I purchased this service on my own and just love it so much that I wanted to post about it.


4 thoughts on “July Stitch Fix & Why Stitch Fix Works For Me

  1. Love the dress on you Gillian! As for the high mark up on the clothing…..all stores have at LEAST a 50% markup or higher. No way around it. Unless you like to wait and shop the sales. I don’t think Stitch Fix was created for bargain shoppers in mind. And the pricing you mentioned was that bad. There is a lot more expensive merchandise out there. Must be fun to receive the package each month too ;).

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