A Durham Weekend

Time for a weekend round up!


This weekend we traveled to Durham, North Carolina to visit our friend Randy for his birthday. We landed at RDU around 8:20, and by 9:00 we were at a fun BBQ spot called The Pit. It was hot out but we couldn’t say no to this pretty outdoor seating and opportunity for people-watching. Erin joined from Boston! We ordered some beers & plates for sharing.
Durham1On Saturday morning I ventured out for a run. I love exploring new places on foot and got way too excited when I ran past a raspberry bush. You’re aren’t in NYC anymore, Dorothy!
Durham3 Saturday we spent the day out on the boat cruising around Falls Lake.Durham4 Durham5 We found a little cove and spent some time floating around, bird watching, relaxing, and catching up. The weather was gorgeous. The view from our cove:Durham6That night we birthday partied. Erin made homemade mojitos.
Durham7 We threw together a few salads and D was in charge of the grill. Durham8 Durham9 These shrimp! The marinade was something like: siracha, lime juice, and honey? Amaze. Durham10We made a funfetti cake and downloaded a candle app on our phones because we forgot to buy real ones (whoops!) Happy Birthday Rand!Durham11 Next morning we all hung out and watched my fav: CBS Sunday Morning. I loved this story about a real life treasure hunt. I also loved this cold brew coffee that we discovered at Sheetz:Durham12 We were having trouble finding plain old black iced coffee and then I spotted this in the refrigerated section. Chameleon Cold-Brew for the win! The plain black coffee hit the spot, and this vanilla flavor pictured here was surprisingly good — just the right amount of very light sweetness. Satisfying substitute for the fresh stuff.

Day 2 we were back out on the lake for skiing (for some) and tubing (for me). It was actually my first time on a tube. Growing up you would have found me below deck reading a book. No water sports for little G! Maybe next time I’ll go crazy and try the skis.Durham13 Durham14 Durham15Ended the weekend with a Hell or High Watermelon toast and flew back in just in time to see the sun start to set over NYC.Durham16Thank you Randy for being born and for having a boat 🙂 If you are playing along, we crossed 3 of our Summer To Do List goals off our list. Pretty productive weekend. And now, it’s back to the grind. Tell me, how was your weekend? x


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