What I Ate Wednesday: Post Vaca Back On Track

Oh hello. Welcome to The Greener Bean… the blog where I post maybe three times a year, completely at random, about unrelated topics! Thanks for joining 😉

All kidding aside, life has been crazy and awesome and there is so much to blog about! Right now, for today though, after two weeks of wedding-ing (my sister’s) and vacationing… I am finally ready to say goodbye to the lobster rolls, french fries (so many fries!) and nightly ice cream cones and get back to enjoying the foods that make me feel good.


What better way to get back to on track than with a WIAW? I thought I’d pop in here and share my eats from yesterday (Tuesday)…

Started the day with a early morning run. Ahem, what’s that? RUN? Yes, I’ve gotten back into running in a major way and I’m hooked and it’s awesome. More on that soon! As you can see below, I somehow strategically plan manage to make all of my runs end at a place where I can find iced coffee. This morning, black iced coffee from my friends at the local Dunkin.


Breakfast on the go. In the past, I have not been much of a breakfast person, but as I started to get back into running, I began to feel hungry all the time and knew I needed to make a change. Egg muffins (prepped Monday night for the week), blueberries and half an avocado.
WIAW2Pre-work green iced tea, unsweetened, from Starbucks. Maybe the first time they have ever gotten my name right, along with a cute smiley 🙂

I spent the afternoon running some errands around the city and it was super sunny and humid and hot. When I stopped into Just Salad to pick up lunch I was sweaty and dehydrated and the smoothie bar looked amazing.
WIAW4I got a Vitamin C Kick for the walk back to work. WIAW5Salad back at my desk. I “made my own”: mixed greens, apple, beets, grilled chicken, walnuts, all chopped up and topped with oil & vinegar.
WIAW6After work I stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up some fish for dinner. Grabbed a coconut water for the train ride/walk home.

Annnnd… dinner. TJ’s salmon, roasted carrots & zucchini, some leftover sweet potato medallions from last night. La Croix on the side. Housewives on the TV.


Pretty solid day. Happy Wednesday! Hopefully back to regular blogging soon. I’m missing it!


8 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Post Vaca Back On Track

  1. Awesome intro – roll with your own flow :)! It’s my first time stopping by so I wouldn’t even have noticed.
    While I don’t eat eggs I still think your breakfast looks great – a bit of everything and so colourful. Happy Wednesday!

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