The Very First Post

Welcome to Jogging for Java and The Very First Post. So much pressure! Where to begin? Here are five things you can expect to read about on this blog:

Running. I am a recent Couch to 5K graduate and have officially caught the running bug. I’m still a newbie (have currently worked my way up to 5 miles!), but it IS on my bucket list to run a marathon one day… after I see how I do with a half marathon. Or a 10K. Baby steps.


Coffee. It’s plain and simple: I just love it. Every night as I’m falling asleep I get a little smile when I think about the coffee I get to drink when I wake up. Best cup to date? Probably at Blue Bottle in San Fran. I usually drink my coffee black… but this Cold Brew New Orleans Style was possibly the best day of my life:


D. He’s my fiancé. We run and drink coffee together. We are getting married in May and I am supposed to be planning a wedding but I think I was born without the wedding planning gene. (Or maybe that space is currently taken up by by running and coffee?)


Food. Mostly healthy. What can I say? I love kale and avocado. Salads are my friend. Another friend of mine? Chocolate chip cookies. And maybe sometimes ice cream. And probably beer on most weekends. Just making sure we are starting out from a place of honesty!


And finally, I will be blogging about whatever else I feel like. For example, how my niece is cuter than your niece. I don’t mean to offend, and you may think I’m exaggerating, but I have proof:


Tell me: What beverage do you think about as you’re falling asleep at night? Is it just me?


3 thoughts on “The Very First Post

  1. Typically wine.,.lots and lots of wine. And then I get up and drink water because, well, that’s just the right thing to do!

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