My Wednesday and 5K Fun Run Times

Happy Thursday! The countdown to the weekend is officially on and I am looking forward to: pancakes, pumpkin beer, Penn State vs. Rutgers and… a 5K! Aren’t fall weekends the best?

My Wednesday consisted of a much-needed rest/actually get more than 6 hours of sleep day… along with my standard salad from the deli down the block:

Mixed greens, grilled chicken, beets, apples, and walnuts, chopped with oil & vinegar. Power food!

I absolutely love fall… but I do not love that it is now dark out when I leave work. How did that happen so fast?
2.2Met up with this lady for happy hour & some catching up at Vanguard Wine Bar on the UWS.
2.3We need to work on our selfie game!2.4^ That goat cheese & onion flat bread on the left? So. good.

One of the best things about living in Spanish Harlem is that you can get the most amazing mexican food delivered to your door in 20 minutes at the press of a button. Harlem people: pork tacos from Delicias Mexicanas. Do it!2.5

So you may have noticed that I sneakily mentioned a 5K above. That’s right, to celebrate our new “Couch to 5K graduate” status, D & I have signed up for this 5K this Sunday.

This will be the first 5K I have ever gone into that I will be confident that I can actually run the entire race. Going into Sunday, I thought it might be super embarrassing fun to share my 5K results from the couple of fun runs I have participated in over the past year, prior to any regular running:

  • Feaster Five (5K), November 2014 – 43:53
  • Corporate Challenge, June 2015 – 40:55
  • 4th of July 5K 2015 – 36:42

Excited to see where I come in on Sunday after 3 months of running 3x/week!

And just in case you maybe forgot about how cute my niece is, here is a photo of us having a ginger moment at the 4th of July 5K a few months ago:

2.6Tell me something you’re looking forward to this weekend!


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