Will Running 3 Miles Ever Feel Easy?

Someone please tell me… will running 3 miles ever feel easy?

This is what went through my head this morning as I chugged through our morning run. I was dealing with tight legs and shin splints and the whole thing just felt sort of hard and annoying. After all these weeks, is it still supposed to be this hard?
3.1 Then I looked at the calendar and realized we only just ran 3 miles for the first time exactly two weeks ago from today. TWO WEEKS AGO. And I realized I was being a bit crazy. It’s still so new. Yes, it’s probably still supposed to feel hard some days.3.2

Here is D looking all athletic on the East River Run Path. We did 3 miles @ 11:09, 10:34, 10:41. Followed by a reward:
3.3Guess which one belongs to who? Disclaimer: you probably are going to see a lot of Dunkin on this blog for two very good reasons: 1) there is a Dunkin conveniently located between the East River Run Path and our apartment and 2) they have amazing deals lately! For example, if you download the app and join DD Perks, any size dark roast iced coffee is currently 99 cents:3.7 I don’t think you can buy anything in NYC for 99 cents! Simply amazing.3.4Lunch break was a trip to Just Salad. Spinach, sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples, goat cheese, beets & pumpkin seeds.
3.5A big event at work tomorrow = new nails and the major shin splints I mentioned above = new shoes. And yes, I was THAT girl today running errands around the Upper West Side in my business casual + running shoes. Gotta break them in somehow!

An impromptu Meatball Shop date made someone pretty happy 🙂

Question: Is running 3 miles easy or hard for you? I can’t wait for the day that I feel strong, light, and fast and finish feeling content (instead of exhausted). Is this even a thing?


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