11 Photos From the Weekend

5.1^big event on Friday = 14 hour work day. luckily, it was a lot of fun and went by in a flash.
5.2^Saturday morning walk around the ‘hood to break in the new running shoes.
5.3 ^coffee cheers!5.4 ^lunch date in central park and some much-needed catch up with a sweet friend.5.5 ^which led to shopping and a trip to Sprinkles on the way home because we just “happened” to be a block away 😉 5.6 ^Penn State vs. Rutgers / tacos / a side of pumpkin beer. 5.7 ^go PSU! they killed it. 5.8 ^Sunday morning coffee/eggs/banana run. the gal at Dunkin asked me if I was running today, which basically made my morning. I think she was shocked to see me NOT sweaty for once! 5.9 ^we ran a 5K! more on that this week.5.10 ^sunday brunch and the most delicious iced coffee at D’Amore Winebar which is quickly becoming one of our favorite Harlem spots.5.11^Sunday date night. shall we dance?

The weekends always fly by but this one felt particularly short for some reason. Fingers crossed this week is easy on us all. Tell me something you did this weekend! Or something delicious you ate? 


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