We ran a 5K!

As the grand finale to our Couch to 5K experience… this past Sunday we finally ran our 5K!

We signed up for the NYRR Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K in the Bronx for three reasons: 1. it fit into our schedule, 2. it was described as “mostly downhill and flat,” and 3. it was only $15!

Instructions said to pick up your bib at the tortoise and the hare statue.


We were running late and jogged up to the start line just in time for the “ready, set, go!”, so I was feeling discombobulated.


Mile 1 – Was around a big field. I was feeling distracted from rushing around before the start, but overall it was all easy, breezy, beautiful (covergirl). I had adrenaline pumping through me, it was a gorgeous day, and I felt great.


Mile 2 – I heard my phone say “distance: one mile, pace: 10 minutes” and I got nervous. This was a whole minute faster than my recent 11 min pace. We headed into the woods and surprise! There were quite a few unexpected short, steep hills (what happened to mostly downhill and flat???) I powered through the first few. Around hill #4, I had to walk for a bit and catch my breath. I got really upset with myself for having to walk and this unfortunately killed my mental game for a while.


^snapped this photo by accident — but look at that sky!

Mile #3 – Gave me some time to recover. Luckily there was a lot of downhill in this section (thank you!) A painful cramp sprung up in my right side but I forced myself to keep moving. When we emerged from the woods and could see the finish line D turned around and gave me a smile. I know he wanted to start sprinting right then, but I was nervous about getting burnt out too early and held off.

Mile #3.1 – I somehow found the energy to kick it to the end! And ran straight to the water table.


So… I have mixed feelings about this race. Overall, I feel like it was sort of a hot mess for me. Anytime I tell someone this they look at me like I’m crazy though… so I think I need to cut myself a break.

The important thing is: we signed up, we ran, and we finished. This is a complete lifestyle change from just 6 months ago — and for that we should be very proud. 


^New shoes for all. We are officially an Asics family!

Results were posted on Monday and our official time is: 34:22 (11:04/min pace). Not what I was hoping for, but it is consistent to what we are running on a regular basis (despite the hills and walking!) and is more than 2 minutes faster than the 5K we ran back in July. I’ll take it! And I can’t wait to sign up for another race and beat it… 🙂

And finally, including this blooper photo because how adorable is this little runner photo-bomber? 4.8

Tell me: Have you felt like a hot mess during a race? How did you recover? 


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