Honor your own journey.

Confession: after the 5K on Sunday, I was feeling down. I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but after 2.5 months of running 3-4x/week, I was pretty disappointed that my time was not faster than it was. I think it is great to have goals, but this was beyond… I couldn’t seem to shrug off these feelings of failure.


I’ve spent this past week reflecting on all of this and I’ve come to realize that I’ve fallen into the sneaky ol’ comparison trap. I have quite a few family members and friends who are pretty awesome, strong runners who I look up to –> including D and my sister, Meg. I also follow a ton of bloggers (runners and just plain old healthy lifestyle bloggers) whose easy “recovery day pace” would be a dream pace for me. All of these people inspire me daily and are part of the reason I run.

The thing is, I need to remind myself that this is MY journey and that I am doing this for fun. Everyone has to start somewhere. I may never run a 9 minute mile. I might never be able to run a marathon. But… on Sunday I took my hard earned work and made some baby steps towards a goal. I gave it my best and that is something to be celebrated 🙂


^feeling proud after my final Couch to 5K run a few weeks ago

Not to get too deep on you on a Friday morning (I promise, I’m almost done…) but it’s a nice reminder that this idea is applicable to life in general too. There are so many things out there to be envious of — especially as we view people’s lives through the lens of social media: jobs, kids, relationships, material things like clothes and homes, looks, weight… the list is endless. It is so easy to get caught up in that feeling of not being “enough.”

This Friday, let’s all make a pact to honor our own journeys. Think about something you accomplished this week that you are proud of, wrap your arms around yourself, and give yourself a big hug –> a yoga instructor once had us do this during class and I’ve never forgotten… it made me so happy. Thank you for humoring me 🙂

In the spirit of all of this positivity… here are 5 things that made me happy this week.


^this protein bowl from Blossom du Jour that I had for lunch twice this week (so far…). I’m addicted.6.3

^Dad was in town for work and we met him for chicken and RED VELVET waffles at Street Bird, the new Marcus Samuelsson restaurant in Harlem that we are sort of obsessed with.
6.4 ^How To Be A Redhead posted this on instagram and I just about died when I saw it. This, unfortunately, is 100% me all summer long. How To Be A Redhead is having a beauty & fashion event in November and I feel like I probably need to attend.


^I walk past Pinkberry 2x a day (on my way to and form work). I typically don’t do yogurt (because if you’re gonna go there, why not just get ice cream???) but the big sign for their fall flavors has been calling out to me. Pinkberry — your marketing works! This is pumpkin with granola and chocolate chips. SO GOOD.

^it wouldn’t be Jogging for Java without a coffee pic. Our Tuesday morning post-run coffees were 25 cents each. Thank you Jets!

Tell me: What are you proud of this week? or… What made you happy this week? 

Happy almost-weekend!


4 thoughts on “Honor your own journey.

  1. Can I just say that running through the woods ALWAYS slows me down? LIke, a lot. You’re never going to run the same pace in the woods or in a field that you do on pavement, and that is a fact. I’ll show you comparisons of map my run days where i ran trails versus road and maybe you’ll give yourself a break.

    • All great points! That’s what Dad said too. I think it was less about my actual time/challenges and more just acknowledging the negative comparison trap I was getting caught up in. We had a great run this AM 🙂

  2. Hey! Nice post. Maybe it’s my age, but I’ve given up running for speed. I mean, what’s the point? It isn’t like I’m ever going to be an Olympic runner and there are so many things to put my energy into that I try to choose the things on which I can make meaningful progress. I guess what I mean is that I run so that the fitness spills over into all other aspects of my life, but doesn’t become the focus of my life. And so I don’t feel guilty when I sit and knit or read for a few hours.

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