Turn off the voice feedback and FALL in love with running

While there hasn’t been much blogging going on over here… there has been quite a bit of living, coffee-drinking, and running!Fall1

^gorgeous tree at my parents’ house in NH

Since my last post I have had some really good workouts. I’ve also had some not-so-good workouts that felt really good anyways. A complete 180 from just a few weeks ago, right?

My secret to this new-found happiness? I turned off the voice feedback updates on my Map My Run app. I am still using the app to track my distance and time… I have just turned off the voice that interrupts my podcast or music with updates like: “distance: 1.5 miles, pace: slow, you SLACKER!”

Okay, okay… that’s not really what the app says. But sometimes, as a person who puts a lot of pressure on myself, that’s what it feels like. Since I’ve turned that feature off, I’ve been going out for each run with the goal of just trying to enjoy the process and experience of running… and it has made a HUGE difference in my happiness.

Some days my workout feels really hard and I think I totally blew it — then I finish and look at my results and it was my fastest pace ever! Other days things feel really fast and easy, and then I finish and my pace is about a minute over where I thought I should be. It is sort of like a game — it is fun getting to know my body as a runner and focus on the FEEL of running instead of speed or any made up benchmarks I think I should be hitting.


^hitting the pavement in my ‘hood, Harlem

As a new runner, I feel really confident that this is where I should be right now. The weather has been beautiful, there is a chill in the air, pumpkin is everywhere, and I am falling in love with running 🙂

Question: Do you use voice feedback or track your pace during your runs? Also — name something about fall that you are LOVING right now!


3 thoughts on “Turn off the voice feedback and FALL in love with running

  1. Yes! I use feedback, but I have been debating turning it off because I swear it interferes with the joy of running. As soon as she says my pace and I am WAYYY behind it kind of pisses me off! haha

  2. Mojo, you have it, send me some! Wish I could start a routine of something. Keep it up! Maybe I need a destination, like a pumpkin coffee!?

    • Yes — treats and bribery are essential (at least, for me)! Tell yourself you are only allowed to buy a Heavenly if you walk/run there for it. Listen to a podcast on the way!

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