Weekly Workouts

Welcome to a weekly series where I share my workouts. This is mostly a fun way for me to keep track of my progress and goals. I also hope that in some small way, by sharing my successes and challenges you will learn something new, be inspired, or, at the very least, be entertained.

I’m a bit delayed, but here are my workouts from last week!


saturday morning workout squad goals

Weekly Workouts (June 27-July 3, 2016)

Monday – ran 3.2 miles (9:44/mile average pace), abs (this video)

Tuesday – Flywheel (45 min)

Wednesday – off

Thursday – off

Friday – off

Saturday – ran 5 miles (11:08/mile average pace) with Meg & Reagan & Bow

Sunday – off

REMINDER – GOAL FOR THIS WEEK WAS: To have 5 days of workouts on the books.

THOUGHTS: Well, my goal for the week was simple: to work out for 5 days, which clearly didn’t happen. I have (annoyingly) had a really hard time getting up in the mornings before work lately (dehydrated? not going to bed early enough?) and my morning workout routine has definitely suffered. Something I am proud of? The 5 mile run! And thanks to Meg and Reagan chatting my ear off, it went by so very quickly. It was a bit hilly, but I felt strong and fit and was totally able to tackle them. I definitely felt good about that!

GOALS FOR NEXT WEEK: Let’s try this one more time! To have 5 days of workouts on the books and to make Saturday’s run 6 miles. I have two weeks before I start my 12-week half marathon training and I really need to bulk up my endurance so I don’t get burned out. I need to remember to stay hydrated (it’s steamy out this week!) and to get to bed early. Any other tips?

INSPIRATION: My dad! On Saturday he and his friend did what they called a “trifecta” which consisted of: 1. A five mile mountain bike ride, 2. A 5k run and 3. A kayak across the lake and back… all just for fun!


That’s not my dad. But it is his beer!

My dad loves being active and is always encouraging us to get up and move. I will be channeling this energy in my workouts this week!

Feel free to share a goal of yours, tips, and/or inspiration below!

Happy sweating,